Marvel’s The Punisher Star Jon Bernthal And Other Celebrities Come Together To Support Quayden


It is not a hidden fact that we live in a very cruel and judgemental world. We are judged about everything from our appearance to demeanour- everything is put under a microscope. Being judged for being something out of ordinary happens time and again in our lives. But when children are subjected to it, it is heart breaking to say the least. Children are the most unique beings, god has ever created in this universe. They all are different and as adults it is our responsibility to create an environment where they can manifest their uniqueness without any fear or trouble.

A few days ago social media became witness to one of the most heartwrenching moments in a child’s life. The child was Quayden Bayles, who was crying hysterically while saying that he wants to end his life. All of this happened because the child was being incessantly bullied because of his appearance. Quayden was born with Achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, and has faced the repercussions of it in the form of cruel behaviour his entire life. The mother while shooting the video asked for better provisions in place to prevent bullying.

This plea from the mother son duo caught the attention of the entire world as everyone on social media united in unison to stand up for him. This movement also attracted the voice of many celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Both of them encouraged Bayles to not give up and keep on fighting.

The latest celebrity to speak on this matter is Marvel’s The Punisher Star Jon Bernthal. He went on Twitter and shred the video with the caption that reflected how much this incident has educated him. His caption read:

Hey little man. For what it’s worth you have taught my family so much. You have inspired us and in our home you are a hero. Thank you for your courage, stay strong the world is watching and you have so much beautiful power. From me and my boys. We are with you and we thank you.

If you or someone you know are experiencing suicidal thoughts, call 911, or call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to the Crisis Text Line at 741741.



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