Marvel’s The Avengers: 25 Comics Which Are Absolutely Rib-Tickling


In case you are an Avengers lover, then in all likelihood, you will have your favorite characters, favorite scenes, favorite dialogues and most loved villains. There is one thing which is beyond doubt: The Avengers is a full-on cross-over success, with a full set of characters picked up from various popular Marvel series’. There is an element of fun and gratification regarding all these superheroes joining hands to battle a mighty enemy. A reason behind that is the unavoidable power equations which come into play and the crazy character eccentricities.

Irrespective of your being a Marvel Comics fan or a recent fan who came onboard courtesy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is one clear thing that the Avengers stories and the whole Marvel Universe is a grand effort. A creation that has been built over several decades and number of films. After the release of Avengers: Infinity War, the world wide web has expectedly created a deluge of fan art, comics, and memes based in the Marvel Universe and focused on our beloved Avengers.

As is the case with any extremely popular genre, enjoying the revelry by being a fan and celebrating the elements of the nerd culture that we love, doesn’t prevent us from making fun. In fact, there is some incredible content online which celebrates as well as mocks the Marvel Universe. It is not wrong to be passionate about our beloved superheroes, but, their plotholes and discrepancies are too funny to overlook.

Keeping that in mind, we created a curated compilation of the most hilarious Avengers comics which have gone viral online after the Marvel franchise’s extreme surge in popularity in recent years. Go ahead and enjoy!

25. Black Widow Snub

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24. Ant-Man Is Useful

23. Hulk Leaves You Hanging

22. Snakey Loki Bro

21. Gender-Swap Poster Poses

20. Low Key Loki

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19. Prettiest Armor In Asgard


18. Too Many Avengers

17. Loki’s Sentence

16. Costume Upgrade

15. Fans Vs. Non-Fans

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14. Excessive Deadpool

13. Frozen Loki

12. Black Widow Snubbed Again

11. Avengers Backseat Gaming

10. Black Panther’s One Weakness

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9. Winnie The Hulk

8. Tangled Vs. Frozen: Civil War

7. Gift From Tony Stark

6. Don’t Leave Me Hanging


5. Challenge Accepted

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4. Baby Avengers

3. Where Is The Ministry Of Magic?

2. Super Hulk

1. The Next Generation


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