Times When Changes Made By Disney Ruined Marvel Villains


Over the course of its existence, we have seen MCU pick up some apparently uninteresting characters and turn them into hugely followed popular heroes. In fact, whenever Disney selects a villain to be transformed from comic books to the big screen, it makes alterations as it deems fit. However, there are times when Disney gets it wrong and misses out on what we loved in a character in the comic books.

There are times when they do away with a costume that was already awesome, or they alter the character’s personality to avoid resemblance to the comics. We don’t pay much emphasis on comic book accuracy, but, meaningless or stupid changes should be avoided. Here we will take a look at some instances where the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken wrong creative decisions with famous comic book villains.

1. M’Baku

First of all, we don’t mean to say that M’Baku didn’t turn out to be great in Black Panther. He was incredible and had a character depth which is not usual for a superhero movie. There was depth,  motivation and a resolve to overlook personal benefits for the sake of greater good. In fact, he refused to claim something that he could have.

The problem was that the comic book M’Baku had superpowers and his own suit which for understandable reasons wasn’t featured in the movie. Yes, it was the right choice to do away with the name Man-Ape.

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2. Red Skull

There is nothing wrong with the way the Red Skull was handled in the movies. He has great makeup and costume, and his lines had the arrogance which was required. He was a villain you would hate,  but, like, and everything set him up for a fascinating battle with Captain America.

Although they had a minor bout of wrestling, they didn’t have the kind of a fight that two super soldiers are expected to be. The Red Skull has spent life in the military and is an enhanced being who hates Captain America. There should have been some delightful fight scenes which never happened.

3. Nebula

Nebula is not another version of the Frankenstein monster, and she doesn’t happen to be Thanos’ daughter either. In fact,  she is a space pirate who was turned into a barely alive creature by Thanos.

Once Thanos defeated almost everyone alive, Nebula sneaked up on him and simply stole the Gauntlet. Then she went on to reverse Thanos’ actions and becomes the dictator of the galaxy. This leads to the resurrected heroes team up with Thanos to dethrone her. Let’s hope that they do this in Avengers 4 and it would make great viewing.

4. Baron Zemo

Helmut Zemo orchestrated the feud between the Avengers in Captain America: Civil  War by disclosing that a brainwashed Bucky Barnes had murdered Tony’s parents. He did everything with a cool head and without indulging in a fist fight with anyone. He executed his plan with unwavering focus, and that makes him an extremely successful villain. So what went wrong?

The comic books show him as an expert swordsman. It would have been fascinating to see him in costume, being addressed as the Baron and maybe a bit of fencing.

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5. The Grandmaster

Jeff Goldblum was impressive as ever in Thor: Ragnarok, and he was quite a charmer. However, in the comic books, he is shown to be a Universal Elder, someone so old that you don’t  have a clue to his origin and he belongs to a planet which has been destroyed ages ago. He is wielding the “power primordial” which gives him control over life and death.

The movie stripped him of all those powers and turned him into a funny dictator of a faraway planet. While it made great storytelling, we would have loved to see him with the kind of powers that the comics had given him.

6. Dormammu

The Doctor Strange movie was fantastic as it brilliantly showed how magic can be mind-bending and beyond human comprehension. In fact, even his handling of Dormammu was reasonably accurate. He was huge, incomprehensible, invincible and he lived in a grim world full of chaos.

Here we are talking about a being who has ruled the whole dimensions for his personal benefits. His magical prowess is unmatched in the entire multiverse. Yes, it is agreed that he could be beaten only by a trick. However,  if we are told that Stephen Strange outthought the guy right away by simply employing a time loop? Is it possible that Dormammu couldn’t have seen such a thing coming? Also, he hardly tried much before surrendering. We think he should have rather let Strange get tortured by compelling him to use the loop for a thousand years.

7. The Mandarin

The Mandarin was the big villain of Iron Man 3, the guy that everyone wanted to see in a battle with Iron Man. The truth is, Ben Kingsley was almost successful in making The Mandarin appear as an intimidating and amazing villain.

In the comics, he has actual superpowers.

The comic books show him as having ten power rings which had abilities like throwing ice beams, alter the state of matter and even suck the light out of place. Throw that into a mixer with scientific prowess and martial art expertise, and here we will have a version of an alien evil Batman who uses unimaginable extra-terrestrial tech. However, what we got was a total farce.


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