Marvel Universe Weapons That Are Mightier Than Even The Infinity Gauntlet


There is unlikely to be any place crazier than the panels of comic books. Somehow, there are scores of weird, but, astonishingly powerful weapons scattered all over the universe. The most notorious and fabled of them all in Marvel world is the Infinity Gauntlet. On its own the Gauntlet has no power, but, once studded with the Infinity Stones, it is a weapon that can reshape or destroy the whole universe.

However, it is not the mightiest weapon of all. Its limits mean that it is useless in the absence of the Infinity Stones or in any parallel universe. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled this list of some other deadly weapons and objects which might be more powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet if it doesn’t have all six Infinity  Stones in place.


The Eye of Agamotto is a special object possessed by the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. It is a trinket with incredible powers and is among the three objects created by the original Sorcerer Supreme, Agamotto. After that, it has been handed over from one successor to the other. While its powers are only for good and don’t respond to evil, it is a powerful object. It has the power to replay the recent events and create portals between past and present. Its light can weaken various evil mystical creatures such as demons and the undead. Doctor Strange has used its power to read the minds of others, create powerful mystical barriers, create inter-dimensional portals and even teleport to the far extremes of the universe.


Even if Thanos possessed a full-fledged Infinity Gauntlet, it would be useless against the power of the Ultimate Nullifier. The weapon was first seen in the Fantastic Four comics when Galactus tried to eat Earth. The Fantastic Four located this device and using it, they drove Galactus away from Earth.

Apart from the Heart of the Universe and the Infinity Gauntlet, no other object or weapon can even stand next to the Nullifier.


It is commonly said that knowledge is power. In this case, the Darkhold spellbook is the true power. It is an ancient book full of evil and destructive spells. Anyone can use, and it fills the learner by the knowledge of dark magic. This books teachings were used to create the original vampires, and it was also instrumental in the sinking of Atlantis.

While Doctor Strange possesses the Book of the Vishanti, created by the Elder Goddess Oshtur and that’s the source of a lot of his powers, the Darkhold is the extreme opposite. Its power takes over anyone who would be stupid enough to read it. No matter whether a particular spell is evil or not, the user of this book gets influenced by its evil power anyway.


Crimson Gem of Cyttorak is a mystical power jewel. Back in time, the Octessence, eight powerful creatures, had a bet. Each one of them made one item powerful and commanded that the first mortal that comes into contact with the object created by each of them would become an Exemplar and wield the power of the creator of the object they touched. Cyttorak created his Gem and deceived the others. He made Avatars before the wager started and his avatar happened to be Cain Marko.

Cain Marko became Juggernaut, one of the deadliest weapons in the world. Juggernaut’s actual power was only a small fraction of Cyttorak’s true power, but, it is still believed hat the power given by the Gem is adequate to control the universe’s fabric, and it can be used to create avatars of destruction as well.


The Casket of Ancient Winters happens to be a basic object. While it is not known who created it, but, this Casket is Asgardian by nature. Inside it is the Fimbuwinter of the Ymir, and it can create absolutely unbelievable snowstorms if opened. While it might not sound deadly, but, the Casket is capable of wrapping entire planets into a timeless, ice age. Further, it not only has the power to create world-wrecking snowstorm but, also has the fury of thousand deadly winters.

In fact, it releases such deadly cold that even the Frost Giants who thrive in icy weather are incapable of handling its fury. Once it puts a world into the ice age, the only thing that can undo the damage is Odin’s secret Gem of Infinite Suns, which has the essence of hundreds of stars.


No other weapon in the whole Marvel Comics universe can even be in the same league as the Heart of the Universe and its power. Apart from the One Above All, the Heart Of The Universe is the mightiest force in existence. Although it has not been canon in the main Marvel Universe, it did make an appearance in an alternate universe where an alternate Thanos used it to fabricate several timelines and created whole universes.

It is generally said that the Supreme Being is the creator of this weapon and he made it to restore the balance in the basic design of the Marvel Universe. Those who have possessed the Heart of the Universe became a supreme being themselves and happened to be the mightiest characters in the Marvel Comics. It has been suggested that the Heart of The Universe does exist in the main  Marvel Comics Universe, but, nobody knows where.


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