Marvel Hints At A Cosmic Hero Getting Killed By Requiem From Infinity Wars


Earlier in the week, Marvel Comics disclosed the name (maybe the identity) of its latest cosmic player, a masked character called Requiem. While the arrival of Avengers: Infinity War gave us a clue about his loyalties, and no, he didn’t side with our heroes. At least that is the impression that the teaser art from Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin makes us feel.

The artwork features Requiem, with a wide sword in one hand, standing tall over the body of the Star-Lord and either an unconscious or helpless, Captain Marvel in the left hand. The sword probably has impaled on it an Infinity Gauntlet without the stones, and although it is not clearly stated that Peter Quill also fell to the same sword, the image carries the caption “DEATH WINS.”

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The 1992’s original Infinity War series was based on the attempts of Magus to try and use the Infinity Gauntlet to achieve his evil goals. While Magus did make an appearance in the build-up to the Infinity Countdown narrative, he was swiftly murdered by the real villain of the upcoming event, the human/android hybrid called Ultron Pym.

You can check the official synopsis of Infinity Wars: Prime #1 below. The comic will be in stores in July.

In INFINITY WARS: PRIME #1, the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe reap what they sow as their frantic search for the Infinity Stones leads to cosmic madness like never before. The simmering events of recent months spiral into something much, much bigger in this colossal story.



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