28 Epic Tumblr Memes That Will Change The Way You Look At Marvel Movies


The popular Marvel Cinematic Universe has really stretched out to now 20 movies by this year end and so, it has a whole lot of images and memes to offer for all the Tumblr users. The MCU has come a long way and has consistently given the fans good movies with great characters. The latest movie, Avengers: Infinity War had a darker tone as compared to the previous movies but also slipped in a few jokes. Next year, we will see what happens to our heroes in the in the sequel to Infinity War.

Our most favored heroes on Tumblr are Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Loki and The Winter Soldier. The characters can actually even have separate websites that are dedicated to them when we look at the number of posts.

Here, we have for you 28 epic MCU memes that will change the way you look at Marvel movies.

28. Caught In The Trap

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27. Might Want To Check The Other Hand

26. That’s Who He Is

25. True To Their Personalities

24. Oh The Irony!

23. Get Some Perspective, Storm

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22. That’s How Real Life Works

21. Good Guy Steve

20. Not A Great Plan

19. The Old Switcheroo

18. That’s Not A Hydra

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17. Men In Pajamas Save The World

16. Yo Dawg! Heard You Like Iron Men Suits

15. While You Were Sleeping

14. Who Needs A Doctor When You Have The Avengers?

13. Love Behind The Hate

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 12. The Child In All Of Us

11. I Can And I Will

10. The Bumbling Protagonist

9. Hawkeye, Our Female Role Model

8. What Could Have Been


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7. What’s Happening Back There?

6. A Pun For Your Thoughts

5. Amusing But Effective

4. Always The Little Brother

3. A Good Villain Needs A Good Eyeliner


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2. Why Loki Is The Way He Is

1. Why There’s No Crossover


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