30 Epic Marvel Movie Comics That You Cannot Miss


The world’s eyes have been on the entire Marvel franchise for a long time now and after the release of Infinity War, the internet has burst with chaos and theories floating around. All Marvel fans have been waiting for this very movie film for a long time and it surely pleased them all. The movie had a darker tone as compared to the other movies and left all the viewers in awe.

Well, who does not like to see characters getting into a super funny situation? We all do. Whether they get into a very awkward situation or they are one-upping each another, it is fun to watch it and laugh it out.

In the light of all this, we have gathered for you 30 epic fan-made Marvel comics that will make you laugh uncontrollably.

30. He’s Into Stones


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29. Second Time’s The Charm

28. He’s Not A Biologist, People

27. He’s Not A Happy Camper

26. The Crossover We Need

25. When Meeting New People

24. Let The Ship Debates Begin


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23. Something We’d All Like

22. It Happens Every Time

21. Two Sides Of The Same Coin

20. When Someone Knows The Ships

19. There Goes The Mic Drop

18. He’d Be Captain Cat

17. Just, How?

16. He Came Prepared


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15. Thanos Is Not Amused, But We Are

14. The Most Epic Infinity War

13. It’s Canon And Fandom Combined

12. Something Shouldn’t Be Here

11. Oh, Like He Has Room To Talk

10. Here Comes A New Trend

9. The Man’s Already Dealt With A Lot


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8. When Your Friends(?) Are Giants

7. He Has More Options Now

6. It Was A Long Time Coming

5. How The Fight Should Have Ended

4. He’d Be The Dino Lord Now

3. So Would This Be Wrong Movie Or Wrong Franchise?


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2. Time For Some Payback

1. Magical King Transformation


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