12 Marvel Movie Comics That Create The Ideal Team-Up


There is no doubt that Marvel Cinematic Universe is an iconic success. What amazes us the most is that before it was launched spectacularly by Robert Downey Jr. led Iron-Man, there were not too many takers for it. Compared to the legendary superhero characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman that the rival DC boasted of, most of the Marvel comics characters were considered to be the second or third rate.

Despite that MCU succeeded and its success is primarily due to the bond between its teams. Whether we talk about The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy or even the Wakanda squad of Black Panther, they are successful because they are a team that is bonded not just against the enemy, but, at all times. To understand it better, let us look at 12 fantastic Marvel Movie Comics which set up the ideal teams:

1. How Black Panther Will Change Blockbusters

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6. An Avenger Finally Gets The Recognition They Deserve

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8. Guardians of the Galaxy VS Suicide Squad

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10. The REAL Problem With Black Panther and Memes

11. The Problem With Disguises in the MCU

12. The Problem With A Solo Venom Movie Without Spider-Man


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