25 LOL Marvel Logic Comics That Will Make Fans Laugh Out Loud


In the age of the internet, it is not very difficult to find fan-created comics or stories inspired by video games such as The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy, etc. still, it is a bit more difficult to search “Marvel Comics” because of obvious reasons! Marvel is a real comic book publisher, so the search results often get messed up. Generally, there is a number of websites which are dedicated to taking care of comic parodies of video games. There are places like Penny Arcade, Corpse Run Comics, Nerd Rage,and many more. It is not as if there are no parodies of the other pop –culture things, but, it is just that those are rarer.

What we are trying to imply is that this is something that is needed to be performed with more time and attention. We decided to delve deeper, and it took us countless phrases and search terms before we spotted some fantastic comics based on Marvel content to create this list. Don’t worry; they are hilarious. The only thing that matters is that you must be interested in reading a lot more about Thor, Captain America, and Spider-Man. These three heroes are incredibly popular on the internet, and the young wall-crawler is even more loved. In fact, it is not difficult to see why. Spidey is as iconic for Marvel as Batman is for DC. In fact, there are many common things between the two, but, those similarities are for some other time. For now, go ahead and enjoy these funny Marvel Logic Comics which will brighten up your day!

24. Thank You Bag Of Spiders

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23. Hair Of The Gods

22. Marvel Vs DC Strategy

21. Coping With Revivals

20. Loki Is A Diaper Brony

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19. One Arm Ahead Of The Game

18. Hello, Do You Do Fellow Kids?

17. Bombs Are The Best Motivators

16. Everyone Is Safe In Happy Fun Time Land

15. The Big Time

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14. Shawarma Time

13. I Didn’t Do It

12. Kick Me Harder

11. Marvel Simematic Universe

10. Laser Pointers Forever


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9. A Vision For Cooking

8. You’re The Iron Man Now Dog

7. Hulk Bring Tree

6. The Art It Is A-Chagin’

5. A Cut Above The Rest

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4. Your Friendly Neighborhood Fanboy

3. Far From Heaven

2. Spider In The Home, Man

1. A Clap Heard Round The World


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