Funniest Marvel Fan Comics Which Will Alter Our Way Of Watching The Movies


To be honest, that’s something we can claim about any of the fan comics. They are hilarious and reflective or both, but,  once you see these, you won’t be able to see your favorite superhero characters in the same light again. Whether it is beyond the exterior feel or an overall recall of the fan comic, but, it is likely to make you see a favorite character and think about what their goals, dreams, and actions were. This is such a strange feeling that we would like to showcase to you in this piece.

Agreed that nearly all the comics featured on this list will turn out to be hilarious, but, it could be funny only because it might just be true. The fans who created them based these on their personal opinions about the Marvel films which showcased the characters being mentioned here. It is easy to enjoy these comics. It is to figure out what a random fan might think about it, that is the really difficult task. However, there is nothing which you won’t be able to manage.

Therefore, just sit back and enjoy these fantastic and hilarious Marvel fan comics. Avengers: Infinity War is barely days away, and you never know what happens to these characters next.

30. The Avengers Tea Party

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29. Get Help!

28. Social Tumble

27 Doomed By Disney?

26 Stark Reality

25. Busted… Not!

24. Comedy Is Deadpooled

23. Red Alert

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22. Man, Interrupted

21. Expert Reasoning

20. A Model Lifestyle

19. It’s Simply Not The Same!

18. Like Father, Like Sons

17. Cue The Immigrant Song!

16. Divine Daydreams

15. The Times, They Are A-Changing

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14. In Every Sense

13. Great Change… Yeah, Right

12. Get With It

11. And Then The Twain Shall Meet

10. Of Mice & Monitors

9. Caught On The Web

8. The Dynamic Duo

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7. An Eye For Inference

6. A Crew By Any Other Name…

5. Spidey, Stay!

4. Spidey Sensible

3. Alien Vs. Predator Vs. Avengers

2. Avenger Control

1. The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far


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