10 Marvel and DC Heroes Who Are Really Villains


Nobody is perfect and everyone has their own inner demons. There have been many times where we have seen our heroes cross the line and do things that we normally expect from a villain. So in this article, let us take a look at some of our favorite heroes who have an evil side:


1. Green Arrow

In the comics and TV series, Oliver Queen is seen hunting down Prometheus who was his greatest foe. When he eventually captures Prometheus he puts an arrow in Prometheus’ head and reveals that he always liked hunting.

2. Nick Fury

Nick Fury has crossed the lines many times. Call it a duty or ego. In the comics, he always tries to do something shady to protect the planet from lethally strange villains, which ends up with him dying and his allies losing faith and dishonoring him.

3. Bishop

In the comics, Bishop betrays the X-Men, kills Professor X and embarks on a mission to kill Hope Summers and Cable. He even goes as far as committing genocide to fulfill his evil mission.

4. Daredevil

Daredevil becomes the leader of the Hand and goes on a killing spree and murders his enemies one by one in cold blood, in the comics. He assumes the role of judge, jury, and executioner.

5. Batman

Batman may be a master strategist and genius tactician, but that doesn’t stop him from committing violent crimes. He once set fire to Martian Manhunter, blinded Kyle Rayner and used Superman’s X-ray vision against him.

6. Black Bolt

In the comics, Black Bolt explodes a T-Bomb killing Thanos’ son, Thane and then releases Terrigen in earth’s atmosphere starting a war between Inhumans and mutants on earth.

7. Captain America

Captain America was revealed to be a member of HYDRA and decided to spread the secret empire of HYDRA everywhere in the comics. He poisoned, murdered and done so many wrongs to achieve his goal.

8. Cyclops

Normally a good guy, Cyclops turned into a military hunter due to several of the events which happened. These included M-DAY, M-POX and the War with the Inhumans.

9. John Constantine

Constantine has always been a complicated superhero. He has fought the war on both sides between ultimate fight and ultimate darkness, often succumbing to the latter. His intentions aren’t evil, but his powers are ironically his weakness, bringing him to the brink of becoming a villain.

10. Namor

Namor used violence and terror to achieve his own end goals. Although considered to be a beloved leader to the people of Atlantis, Namor lost the trust of Captain America and Human Torch due to his violent methods.


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