8 Characters From Outside Marvel Universe Who Could Defeat Thanos Easily


Avengers: Infinity War has made fans all over the world excited about the prospects of their favorite heroes battle the deadliest Marvel villain ever: Thanos. Thanos is deadly and devastating, and the MCU superheroes are not a match for him. However, if the characters from other universes were to be a part of the Avengers: Infinity War then beating Thanos won’t have been so difficult. In fact, there are various heroes who are capable of single-handedly beating Thanos. Not possible, right? Let’s present to you 8 Non-Marvel characters who can beat Thanos in a flash.


This demon can take on Thanos and is an extremely interesting character. However, he is one of the most unlikely characters to beat Thanos, but, let’s see how he can do that. Hellboy has physical strength and endurance and has a great deal of supernatural awareness, which makes him a mighty rival, but, his spells and supernatural tools won’t be adequate to handle Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. However, the thing with Hellboy is that he is often protected by other mighty demonic forces because he is instrumental in ushering the apocalypse. Therefore, in case Thanos pins Hellboy against the wall, some other force might step in and defeat Thanos.

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This funny cartoon-character has one thing which makes him better than Thanos, and that is his reality warping powers. Thanos with Infinity Stones can be incredibly scary, but, if he faced The Mask, he wouldn’t be the only one wielding the power to change the reality. In fact, The Mask is capable of altering the reality around him. That would mean that The Mask would be safe from Thanos reality warping attacks. The Mask is a clownish crazy guy, and no strategy can tackle with someone as unpredictable. Also as long as he has The Mask on, he can’t be harmed physically in any way.


Just like Spawn, making Raven battle Thanos and his cosmic powers is a great theory to ponder over. Thanos seems to be mightier, but, Raven’s powers are a result of what she has learned and her demonic origins. Trigon’s daughter has great magical power, which enhances her magical, psychic and physical powers. Especially it is her telekinetic and telepathic power which makes her invincible. Also when you throw in the dark magic of a demon into the mix, Thanos, won’t have a chance to fight her.

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DC has The Specter, a cosmic, mystical, metaphysical evaluator of all who challenge him. To say roughly, he has godlike powers although they are limited to his responsibilities as a judging spirit. But, it is not impossible to imagine that The Specter could be given the task of eliminating Thanos from the multi-verse which would also give him all the necessary powers. While The Specter has a vulnerability to magic and reality-warping powers that match his powers, but, he can easily handle Thanos.


It is not just Saitama’s physical powers which make him strong. The thing is he is called “One-Punch Man” because he beats his enemies in a single punch. This frustrates him because he has become bored of his heroism. The reason behind it is that Saitama can summon whatever power he needs to beat his enemies, so even Thanos can’t defeat him. He needs to deliver just One Punch, and Thanos would be done for good.

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In an ultimate last man standing match featuring cosmic powers, reality warping and various other demonic powers, whether Thanos would win or would Spawn defeat him? To begin with, their physical abilities are not comparable, but, it is the nature of their powers which will be the real differentiator. We know how powerful Thanos is with the Infinity Stones, so how does it compare against Spawn’s demonic powers? Frankly, both are almost at par and can control souls, time, elements and even the reality. However, Spawn’s powers feed on evil so being in Thanos’ vicinity would make him strong enough to beat the Mad Titan.


Thanos has taken on Marvel’s version of Death several times, but, what will happen if he fights another version of Death, one that he is not in love with? Yes, The Death of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, who has immeasurable powers.Thanos can manipulate time, warp reality as well as souls or minds using the Infinity Stones, but, nothing matters when you battle an omnipotent god being. Death is known to be the guiding force for the spirits; she can also kill anyone if she wishes so. All that she needs to do is to imagine Thanos’ death, and that’s it. Game over!


The Saiyan from Planet Vegeta is the most loved Shonen character in the pop culture. Goku has an alien physique which gives him incredible power and strength which has only become better with the passage of time. Goku is mighty enough and also has various Super Saiyan transformations at his disposal. His Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue forms give him godlike powers, which are more than adequate for Thanos. However, he also has Ultra Instinct Ability, which provides him the fighting skills to beat a god-like being without even resorting to the Super Saiyan transformation.


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