15 Marvel Characters And The DC Universe Power Ring They Would Wield


In the DC universe, the Power Rings are the ultimate objects of the Emotional Spectrum. Here is the list of what each power ring indicates:

  • Red-rage
  • Yellow-fear
  • Green-willpower
  • Indigo-compassion
  • Violet-love
  • Blue-hope
  • Orange-greed
  • White-life
  • Black-death

These rings have been a huge and crucial part of the entire DC Universe. But now we want to see what would happen if these power rings existed in the Marvel universe? Which heroes would be worthy of which ring? Here’s the list:

1. Ghost Rider – Red Lantern

Ghost Rider has a lot of rage in him and he is also called the Spirit of Vengeance and a red Lantern Ghost Rider would be a nightmare for everyone.

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2. The Punisher – Yellow Lantern

The Punisher (Frank Castle) is a very feared anti-hero and much before he had gotten the Cosmic powers, he incited a whole lot of fear in all his foes.

3. Professor X – Blue Lantern

Professor Charles Xavier has been working very hard for a better future for the world and for mutants and he has been fighting against the odds.

4. Captain America – Green Lantern

It is Steve Rogers’ willpower that was more than enough to instigate the entire Civil War and his stubbornness will surely make him the perfect Green Lantern.

5. Spiderman – Indigo Lantern

Peter Parker is surely the most down to earth heroes in the comic book universe and has lived a life of a commoner, and even suffered a lot of loss. He is truly worthy of an Indigo Power Ring given the compassion he has for others and his desire to help them.

6. Loki – Orange Lantern

Loki is an anti-hero and all his good intentions do not really mask the greed inside him for power and so, the orange ring is perfect for him.

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7. Scarlet Witch – Violet Lantern

She is a mutant superhero and is also an Avenger. In the House of M, Scarlet Witch, she was mentally unstable because she had lost her children and her love for them and the pain had made her warp reality as a whole.

8. Doctor Strange – Starheart

The Starheart is all about magic so when we say magic, there is only one character from the Marvel universe that comes to mind- Doctor Strange.

9. Tony Stark – White Lantern

Tony Stark has a hole in his body, his chest and this was created by his very own weapon and Tony is the closest that the Marvel universe has to Hal Jordan.

10. Thanos – Black Lantern

Thanos want to impress Lady Death and also wanted to wipe out half the universe. It is no surprise that he would have to possess the black ring.

11. Doctor Doom – Starheart

Doctor Doom is without a doubt, the greatest practitioners of Magic and the only ring that would fit him is the ring of Alan Scott.

12. Wolverine – Red Lantern

His rage is almost legendary. Just imagine Logan has his claws all ready to rip off anyone who gets on his wrong side. He surely deserves the red ring.

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13. Galactus – Yellow Lantern

Galactus is a very feared creature in many civilizations and this makes him a perfect candidate for the Yellow Ring.

14. Thor – Blue Lantern

After having Thor’s home destroyed and his sister turning against him, his father death and half his friends disappearing in front of him, Thor still wants to keep fighting.

15. Green Goblin – Yellow Lantern

The Green Goblin might not be as great as the Joker, but he is a pretty scary villain. He is the perfect candidate for the yellow ring.


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