Outclassed: 20 Superheroes From Marvel And DC Portrayed As College Students


Since superheroes have mighty powers and many of them are aliens from far away planets, or even gods who visit our planet for vague reasons, we can’t really imagine them involved in any other tasks than the larger than life assignment of protecting the world. To think of them undergoing the daily routine of lesser mortals will be even more difficult to imagine. Yes, we know that they also lead normal lives alongside. They can not just exist in their superhero costumes round the clock because they also have rent to pay and groceries to buy. They should have an alternate life when they are off duty from saving our planet from alien invasion or supervillains.

We have often thought about the kind of life a superhero would live whenever not on a mission. Fortunately, the internet is a place where all such imaginations get a reasonably satisfactory answer. Whether your imagination is about a real person or a fictitious superhero and his/her life in the fictitious spare time, the internet has an answer.

The simplest way to find out how our beloved superheroes essentially are is to insert them into normal college situations and watch out how well or poorly they handle the real-life issues faced by us. It is never easy being a celebrity and being tasked with planetary security, no matter even if you are an extraordinarily powerful person and you don’t have to carry stuff because you are the master of telekinesis. In fact, the experience is even less fun when we you will have to do the most routine activities like finding a matching pair of socks or scoring high in exams.

20. No Parents Allowed

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19. Group “Study Sessions”

18. That Broke Student Life

17. The Ones Who Love School…

16… And The Ones Who Love To Party.

15. The Start Of Something New

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14. Not Easy To Move On

13. Too Cool For School

12. You’re Finally An Adult

11. New Fashion Styles

10. Never Skip Laundry Day

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9. New Hobbies

8. You Deserve A Treat!

7. Managing Your Stress

6. The Mean Snooze Button

5. Well, This Is Embarassing

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4. The Front Row Kid

3. Things Don’t Always Go Your Way…

2. You Find Your People

1. Socializing Has Consequences


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