40 Epic Marvel And DC Concepts That Really Makes No Sense


We have all been wondering for a long time about which is the better universe- “Marvel or DC? But now, we have a better question, which universe makes least sense?

Yes, while we might enjoy watching the Avengers and the Justice League battling against the villains and taking them down, there are a lot of things in the movies, TV shows, comics and the characters themselves that really do not me any sense.

A lot of fans out there have gone tough a whole lot of concepts from these universes and have poked fun at them in the best known way of trolling on the internet today- memes and comic strips.

There are some really insane storylines and logic used by both, the Marvel and the DC universe.

Here are 40 Marvel And DC concepts that make no sense:

40. Let It Go

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39. Can You Hear Me Now?

38. Superman’s Ultimate Weakness

37. Superhero Logic

36. Dance-Off Time

35. Not The Best Idea

34. Batman’s Philosophy

33. Where In The World Is Clark Kent?

32. An Ingenious Plan

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31. The Casual Marvel Fan


30. Unimpressed Spider-Man

29. Riddle Me This

28. Not A Care In The World

27. Fury’s Antics

26. Playboy Billionaire Problems

25. Identity Crisis

24. Out Of Work

23. Thanos’ Fatal Flaw

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22. Enemies Turned Friends

21. Deadpool Picking Sides

20. Deadpool For The Assist

19. Epic Fail

18. Escape Artist

17. Sore Loser

16. Comics Vs. Movies

15. Lifting Contest

14. Weighing The Options

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13. Impractical Helmets

12. No-Gun Policy

11. Laundry Duty

10. Number One Fan

9. Girl Power

8. Loki Would Never

7. Video Game Logic

6. The Sokovia Accords

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5. Come To The Light Side

4. Sophisticated Weaponry

3. Sharp-Dressed Man

2. Otherworldly Superheroes

1. Marvel Vs. DC


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