Hulk Actor Mark Ruffalo Had Spoiled The Ending Of Avengers On VIDEO Last Year (Video)


Mark Ruffalo had revealed the ending of Avengers: Infinity War almost a year ago, and he got away with it. Marvel actors are not great when with keeping secrets. The infamous one is Tom Holland, who is known for slipping up. He was not allowed to read the script for Avengers: Infinity War. When Holland had accidentally taken the personal script home, he then shared a video of him burning it on social media, hoping that it will stop the film’s producers from panicking.

But Mark Ruffalo is getting a pretty bad reputation for spoilers. He live-streamed part of Thor: Ragnarok. He had taken out his phone to capture the welcome reception and then forgot to turn off the Instagram Live app, and he gave his followers a treat.

It seems like 2017 was a bad year for the actor. In July 2017, he had gotten carried away in an interview and even let slip a few spoilers in an interview with Good Morning America. He had told the interviewer “everybody dies”.

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Ruffalo was close to dropping huge spoilers about Thor: Ragnarok. The conversation shifted towards the ending scenes and the idea that the heroes triumph at a cost. In Ragnarok, the cost was the destruction of Asgard. The conversation then veered in an ominous direction to the discomfort of Don Cheadle. When the interviewer had commented that someone bites it in MCU movies, he had commented: “Wait till you see this next one, ha — everybody dies!”

For all those who watched Infinity War, it is obvious what Ruffalo was going to say.

“Half the universe dies.” Ruffalo then cut himself off.

Cheadle’s reaction was epic, and he did not seem particularly with happy with Ruffalo’s discussion of Ragnarok:

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“I wouldn’t say too much, he cautioned, “but hey, it’s your movie” – but when Ruffalo veered on to Infinity War, though, the actor intervened far more strongly. “Dude,” he interrupted, and the actors had traded an awkward glance.

This is the danger all the actors face on a high-profile movie. On the one hand, the actor is under a lot of pressure to say something. They are also exhausted from the months of filming and in Ruffalo’s case, he was going from filming Avengers: Infinity War, to promoting Thor: Ragnarok and then back to Avengers 4.


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