Here’s What Mark Hamill Is Saying About Han Solo Movie After Watching It.


All the attention was on the spinoff movie’s world premiere held on the night of May 10, because it unleashed a wave of opinions on this Ron Howard movie. In the last few months, a lot of people were worried about the film’s quality due to the notorious production problems that surfaced in 2017, but, luckily it seems that all is well now.

Post the screening; the common opinion was that Solo was an entertaining adventure in the galaxy’s underworld, enabled by great performances by its ensemble cast. Though there were a few regular complaints (a slow-paced opening sequence being prominent among them), most people agree that Solo has overcome the challenges and is a worthy new addition to the Star Wars world. Among those who loved the movie, was the star Mark Hamill, the legendary Luke Skywalker of five Star Wars Episodes.

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Mark Hamill was among the several special guests attending Solo’s LA premiere. Hamill used Twitter to give a flattering approval to the movie, giving it thumbs up and using the hashtag #SoHighFromSolo. Have a look at Hamill’s post below:

It won’t be wrong to say that Hamill loves Star Wars spinoffs, and he had earlier gushed about Rogue One after seeing it. Like many others, Hamill also appreciates how the spinoffs have given a wider scope to the overall Star Wars mythos and also come out as independent stories which take audiences to diverse galactic adventures.

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Lucasfilm is not in a mood to let go of this lucrative stream in the near future, so it is important that they keep coming up with fresh elements to make each new movie special. For Solo, it is heavy involvement of the heist and gangster elements, exploring a part of the universe which was barely scraped through in the Episodic films. Yet, Howard has not diverted from the iconic Star Wars feel, in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

A lot of people might find Hamill’s declaration of “NO SPOILERS”  a bit funny since he had already stated that his fellow Star Wars legend Anthony Daniels will appear in Solo (a fact that wasn’t disclosed in the movie’s promotions). However, in the broader scheme of things, Daniels cameo is only a fun Easter egg and not a vital story leak or plot twist. Hamill is well-versed with the fact that leaks can sink ships, so he would keep all the Solo secrets to himself for at least another two weeks.


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