Margot Robbie Not Interested In Jumping To Marvel


Marvel and DC fans are very obsessed with their actors. Henry Cavill belongs to DC. People will go on riots if Stephen Amell dons any other superhero costume other than Green Arrow. There was a huge out roar when Ezra Miller was announced as the Flash from DCEU when Grant Gustin was announced as the Flash from Arrowverse and mind you his series didn’t even start as that point. He only appeared as the titular character for 2 episodes on Arrow. But some stars have made the transition arguably for different reasons like Ryan Gosling, mainly because his version of Green Arrow was so universally panned and Jared Leto whose Joker is somewhat shadowed by Heath Ledger and now Joaquin Phoenix.

The same question was raised to Margot Robbie during her promotions of Birds of Prey. She was asked whether she will make the jump to Marvel. Her answer was that she can but she doesn’t really want to. Her hands remain full with Harley Quinn. And honestly with the amount of work that she does outside DCEU she really doesn’t have the time.

Quinn’s contribution in DCEU can be compared Widow’s contribution to MCU. It can be argued that the impact both of these characters have wielded that resulted in the plethora of female led superhero movies in the recent years.

Her next movie Birds of Prey will focus on the all-female DC Comics super team Birds Of Prey. This will be the second female led superhero movie of the year along with the Black Widow movie.

The movie will follow the team as they face Black Mask along with a police officer.

In the comics the team up has always included Black Canary and The Huntress with other characters exiting and entering at various points. The team up has never included Harley Quinn but an edition will soon be released including Quinn in the team up.


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