Frozen fans speculate Margot Robbie and Emilia Clarke as Elsa


In the last decade Disney fans have been rewarded by one amazing live action remake after another of their favourite stories. Starting from Cinderella to Beauty and the Beast and most recently Aladdin. It is now gearing up towards their upcoming major live action release Mulan which will release on March 27, 2020.

One of the biggest phenomenon created by Disney is the Frozen franchise. Frozen has literally been a magical appearance for everyone involved. The themes of the movie which includes sisterhood, love, acceptance, hope and fear connected very well with the audience.

Therefore it is an obvious speculation among the audience, whether there will be a live action remake of it in the future.

This speculation has led many fans to imagine their favourite actors in the role of these beloved characters.

Some of the favourites in the fandom to play the roles of Elsa are Margot Robbie and Emilia Clarke.

People are so invested in these speculations that various fan arts featuring these characters in these iconic roles have appeared.

One of such fan arts with Margot Robbie in the character of Elsa was created by Instagram user @Helen_Morgun and we must say the resemblance is uncanny to say the least.

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Hi guys! Beautiful @margotrobbie as Elsa from @disneyfrozen 2 💙💙💙 I remember in childhood, in the elementary grades, I had a gorgeous dress for the Christmas parties at school, and I imagined myself in it as a real snow queen, among a round dance of snowflakes and bunnies ❄🐰 ⠀ Every year, my mother sheathed this dress with Christmas tinsel in a new way, and even allowed me painted my lips with lipstick 😗 I will show you this dress in storys 😉❄ ⠀ And if the cartoon "Frozen" had already come out, when I was a child, I would have represented me as Elsa in it))) despite the fact that I'm a brunette. ⠀ And what costume did you have in your childhood at Christmas parties? 🐰❄ ————————————————————- Привет, друзья! Я помню в детстве, в начальных классах у меня было шикарное платье для утренников на новый год и я воображала себя в нем настоящей снежной королевой, среди хоровода снежинок и зайчиков ❄🐰 ⠀ Ну как шикарное – белое с пышной юбкой в пол и двухслойным подюбником, который я почему-то особенно очень любила – тогда оно казалось мне верхом красоты и предметом зависти одноклассниц 😋 ⠀ Каждый год мама обшивала его дождиком на новый лад, и даже разрешала накрасить губы её помадой 😗 покажу вам в сторис это великолепие 😅❄ ⠀ И если бы тогда уже вышел мульт "Холодное сердце" я бы 💯% представляла себя в этом платье Эльзой ))) несмотря на то, что я брюнетка. ⠀ А кем были вы на утренниках, признавайтесь? 🐰❄ ⠀ Пы.Сы. на картинке красавица @margotrobbie в образе Эльзы из Frozen 2 😊💙

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Both the actresses could be perfect fits for the role as both of them have experience of playing iconic roles. Robbie is known for playing the psychotic and charismatic Harley Quin and Clarke is known worldwide as the brave Daenerys Targaryen. Robbie will also dabble a bit with children story adaptation as she is going to produce and star in a Barbie movie.

Both the movies have done quite well in the box office crossing the 1 billion mark, but as far as the sequel is concerned the creators are not really sure about it. Jennifer Lee feels that the second movie has effectively completed the movie. But we will never stop hoping


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