Rumors: Is Mara Jade Going To Be Revealed As Rey’s Mother In Star Wars: Episode IX?


There is well over a year to go before we get close to the release of Star Wars: Episode IX, still, weird Star  Warsrumors related to the movie are already doing the rounds, such as the rumor about Millennium Falcon inside an asteroid belt. While Rian Johnson had clarified that Rey “is a nobody,” a lot of Star Wars fans refuse to believe that and feel J.J. Abrams will change the narrative and make her “somebody.”

Now, the Star Wars: Episode IX casting call related to a new character has got tongues wagging again. As per, Lucasfilm/Disney is hunting for a female character to be featured in Star Wars: Episode IX and the role is not just of any other female character, but, the role of Mara.

For the loyal Star Wars fans, the name has a great meaning in the galaxy far, far away. While Mara Jade is now away from the canon, stashed into the  Star Wars Legends treasury, would Lucasfilm/Disney contemplate taking her out of that cold storage?

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There is no doubt that such a development would be a fantastic way to get the Star Wars: Episode IX’s hype going. While it is already fascinating to imagine Luke Skywalker coming back as a Force Ghost, but, the thought of Mara Jade coming back is even more enticing.

Originally, this notion sounded ridiculous, but, when we thought about it objectively, we started seeing sense in it. It would be good logic to introduce Mara Jade into the Star Wars canon.

As a matter of fact, Mara Jade is a nobody in the present narrative, so technically Rian Johnson didn’t lie, neither did the Lucasfilm story group or even Kylo Ren.

In fact, it was a bit disappointing to find out that Rey wasn’t linked to any of the famous Jedi or Sith.

A lot of fans were unhappy with the way Rey’s parents were revealed to be nobody, and various other choices made by Rian Johnson for The Last Jedi.

Introduction of Mara Jade into the canon, that too as Rey’s mom, would reduce the internal conflict affecting the far, far away galaxy and we love the idea.

A casual Star Wars viewer won’t know a thing about who she is and would be unconcerned to this revelation. However, the loyal fans would go berserk!

But, the thing is, irrespective of the rumors or Legends, Mara Jade’s return is unlikely to be seen in Star Wars: Episode IX. Mara Jade’s name has been doing the rounds since Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and probably the same rumors have come up again with Star Wars: Episode IX and the outcome will be no Mara Jade. However, this time around we are receptive to the thought, even if it introduces a tiny bit of sensibility and peace in the galaxy far, far away.

J.J. Abrams has his task cut out and is pretty much in a lose-lose scenario for Star Wars: Episode IX, no matter how he deals with Rey, Mara Jade, and the other sentimental elements related to the Star Warsgalaxy.


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