Mando And Baby Yoda May Make An Appearance In Disney Park


If Taylor Swift is the artist of the decade then Disney is surely the production house of the decade. They literally and figuratively changed the course of cinema through their work in this ten years. Their approach and risk taking attitude made them the highest gainers of the last decade. They not only revitalised their methods of portraying a character, but also gave an ear to their fans, by time and again making their dreams come true in one way or the other. They currently have the two highest grossing franchises to their name and that happened because of their relentlessness, resilience and resourcefulness.

Though at times it felt like they were stretching it a bit further than they should like when they tried to make their own take on The Star Wars sequel trilogy discarding some of Lucas’ ideas. When the movies released to financial success but a little disappointment of the fans, people thought Disney put wools over their eyes. But seems like Disney finally got their Star Wars universe correct, when after a bumpy ride on the sequel trilogy they created series like The Mandalorian and movies like Rogue One. They literally put a lot of trust on Mandalorian and launched their streaming service on it. But their trust proved worthy as the series opened to a great response from all over the world.

Now Disney will look forward to making more profits out of it through their mega venture Disney Park. As we know Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland or Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, already has characters like Rey, Kylo Ren, Chebacca, and even R2-D2 while strolling around the park. So it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that characters like Mando and Baby Yoda will also soon make an appearance. Getting Mando would be easy as it would just require actors to wear a costume. But Baby Yoda will probably be an animatronic toy with a separate meet and greet centre.

Paul Southern, senior vice president of licensing for Lucasfilm was recently quoted saying

“So, the reality is that we feel it’s really important for our guests at the parks to be able to meet all of our key characters on a first-hand, personal basis,” Southern said “And so it’s something we’re working on. We think it’s appropriate, and I think it’s something the guests at the parks can look forward to in the very near future.”


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