Lucifer To Probably Get A Sixth Season


Lucifer fans have white honestly been through the wringer un the last few years. First after years of development we saw the devilish superhero on the screen, but then after three seasons we had to do  extensive fan campaigning to get it back again. And yes our brain cells were at the possible end because the renewal happened on the very last day

Then after so much if hard work we got our fourth season. The fourth season became one of the watched seasons if Netflix but still the streaming service decided to pull the plug after the fifth season. We were preparing ourselves for the heartbreak but then suddenly there is news of a possible sixth season and now creators are getting involved in it.

showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich are reportedly very near to closing a deal on the sixth season. It does seem viable as Sandman is soon going to arrive on Netflix and Lucifer is such an important part of its lore. And Netflix would be the biggest fool on the planet if they don’t use the existing popularity of Lucifer to promote Sandman.

And Lucifer also got a promotional bump when he appeared on Crisis and exuded that easy going chemistry with Constantine. Constantine is a much loved personality in DC so much so that after his show was cancelled he was brought back on another network. Fans have ranted on social media that they would love to see the relationship between them explored a bit more.

“The Lucifer cameo just exceeded my wildest expectations because I think both Matt and Tom fed off of each other in a way that none of us were expecting,” the event’s showrunner told “Lauren Certo wrote that scene, and she did such a great job on the page — and I loved that scene when I read that, but seeing the chemistry that Tom and Matt have together and the way they riff off from each other? That was a wonderful surprise.”

The creators might find some problems in returning back as they planned this season as a conclusion but honestly they have had to write these endings so many times and moreover the Comics have no dearth of materials.



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