Lucasfilm Seems To Be Developing Many Spinoff Movies For These Characters


Lucasfilm is planning on making more Star Wars spin-off movies of multiple characters. Ever since Disney has taken over the studio behind the galaxy far, far away, there has been a continuous effort to expand. The saga films are expanding the universe by making more standalone movies. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story made $1 billion at the worldwide box office.

Solo: A Star Wars Story, their second standalone film released May 25th.

Disney is developing several different standalone movies including one featuring Obi-Wan and its clear that Lucasfilm has no plans to stop making such movies.

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By making standalone movie, it allows them to tell smaller stories that focus on one particular character or event. So the more they make the more diverse and expansive this universe will become.

The Obi-Wan movie has been the biggest one rumoured to be made. Ewan McGregor is ready to reprise his role should they ever decide to move on it, but Stephen Daldry isn’t yet officially signed on to direct the movie either. But up till now there has been no confirmation.

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There have also been rumours of Jabba the Hutt or even a younger Yoda getting a movie.

Depending on how well Solo: A Star Wars Story does at the box office, a sequel starring Alden Ehrenreich might even be on the cards in the near future.


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