Logan And Scott Get Flirty In The Latest Issue


X Men are a unique commodity in the Marvel universe. The mutants are superheroes but in a very humanized manner. We love the Mutants because of their imperfect nature. Unlike the Marvel heroes, they are not perfect to the t. They command respect but the X men need to earn it. They are not readily accepted into the fold and constantly struggle with it.

They gain more adoration from the fans, because of how different they are. Their differences make them more vulnerable and relatable for the viewers and readers alike.

One of the most prominent storylines of the X men series is the culture of Krakoa. Krakoa the mutant nation have their own culture, which in a way is very aspiring. There are various sacred rules like no killing of human which makes it idealistic. But there is a free aspect in it.

This aspect of freedom covers the mind as well as body. In our society our viewpoints regarding relationships are very rigid and determined while in the case of X men it is free flowing. They practice polygamy and that too very popularly.

Now we all know that Krakoa does not actually exist, so through these storylines the creators want us to open our minds to different facets and concepts, not reject it out rightly.

The best way to do that us none other than involving three of your most popular characters in it- namely Logan, Scott and Jean.

As we know in the current issue all three of them are in a polygamous relationship.  But till now we thought only Logan and Scott shared time with Jean. But the latest issue has shed some light on the relationship between Scott and Logan. As on two separate occasions the conversation between them was pushing towards sexy.

It happened when both of them were talking about a trip with Jean and the kids. When Logan said he is not able to sleep Scott teased him that it’s because of his body hair. “Too hot for covers,” he observed, “and too cool without them.” Who lit a fire here.

Though the prospect of it, seems very interesting but this might all be a mental manipulation by Xavier.


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