Lilo And Stitch Live Action Remake To Land On Disney+


Disney is literally raking in money from everywhere. They had an amazing last year. They brought to close significant chapters in both of their highest earning franchises aka Star Wars and Marvel.

But apart from that they were also able to reinvigorate what made them successful in the first place. In the recent years a lot of the classic Disney movies are seeing the live action treatment in one way or the other. And they have been getting a lot of success in it too. Starting from Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King to Aladdin. Each and every one of those movies have not only increased the success of the original but also gave a new perspective to its characters.

Re invention of characters is extremely important as it gives them a resurgence in popularity. And times have drastically changed there are various aspects of these characters that might have been deemed unfavourable at that time which can now be explored. They are doing this with Mulan focussing more on her personality.

Other Live Action which has reportedly been in development since 2018 is Lilo and Stitch. Since the announcement in 2018 there has been no news regarding its development till now. But recently Disinsider has confirmed that the live action will come on Disney+ a new streaming service, also a home of many other Disney properties. The report also stated that voice actor Chris Sanders is set to reprise his role as Stitch. They have also learned that filming is set to begin in Hawaii this fall.

A director is still being searched to helm the project.

The movie is about the bond shared between two eccentric and mischievous individuals Lilo Pelekai a young Hawaiian girl raised by her older sister and a blue extra-terrestrial animal-like creature named Experiment 626, who gets adopted by Lilo as her “dog” and is given the name “Stitch”.


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