Levi quips about a lot of Shazamily in the highly anticipated sequel


In 2019 DC said to Marvel, if you have Deadpool we have Shazam. And boy did they have him. Shazam! Became one of the most loved movies of 2019 quickly winning the hearts of DC lovers everywhere. All those years of development proved to be fruitful as the movie was hailed by critics and movie goers alike, a huge feat for a DC movie. Many critics called it a significant progress for DC.

The movie was so loved that fans can’t wait for the sequel which in all probability is awaiting release on April 1, 2022. Fans have already begun speculating about the plot, characters and themes of the upcoming sequel. One of the biggest topic of discussions among fans is about Shazamily. As the ending of Shazam! Indicated there is a Shazamily in play. All the children have gained powers which will enable them to transform into adult superheroes. Undoubtedly this means a larger presence of actors like Adam Brody, Meagan Good, Michelle Borth, Ross Butler and D. J. Cotrona.

Theme and plot wise also it is bound to give interesting turns. I mean if one child turned adult superhero could provide so much fun, what kind of havoc would five superheroes generate. They will no longer be a liability but a support to Shazam. But how would this new sets of circumstance set this movie up. Levi was quoted saying, “You can expect a lot of the same awesomeness that you got in the first one. I think one thing I can probably say, that I don’t think is any kind of a spoiler: now that the Shazamily has been established … now that that’s kind of a thing now, I think we can expect a little bit more of that. I hope so.”

Another topic of discussion that has been going on is the choice of villain. Will we see a follow-up with classic villain Mister Mind, or someone else? Considering that a Black Adam spinoff has been announced, how he will tie in into the sequel. There are many questions and very few answers.

Here’s to hoping that the sequel can match up to the amount of speculations and fulfil the excitement of the fans.


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