Lady Sif To Return To Thor


One thing that everybody in the world wants to know right now is what the hell Marvel is going to do with its multi-million dollar Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hey finished their Epic Infinity Saga in Endgame and will enter the fourth phase officially with Black Widows releasing later this year. One of the huge questions roaming around in the fandom is about the whereabouts of the characters left in the aftermath of Endgame.

Though not in the Endgame a lot of speculations have gone on about the whereabouts of Lady Sif. One of Thor’s close friends. But seems like we will see her sooner than later as Jaimie Alexander the actress who plays her hinted in her live that she might be wielding swords and riding horse soon. As to how or in which project she will appear is still up for debate as Loki and Thor: Love and Thunder are both an option. It has also been suggested that Loki will somehow tie into Thor’s upcoming reiteration somehow. Last she appeared in MCU through a cameo in Agents of Shield. She was left out of Thor: Ragnarok. Her appearance would be very emotional as she is one of the few friends Thor has in the world right now as the remaining got killed.

In the Instagram live when a viewer asked about her return or her future projects she replied that she will probably die if she said. Further proving that it could be a Marvel project as they are extremely strict about their projects.

Jaimie Alexander teases the return of Sif? from marvelstudios

We got the first look of Loki in the Superbowl and it would be the third MCU series to hit the streaming device. Though it was the series to show the least amount of footage it generated an equal amount of Buzz.


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