10 Ladies Who Slept With Deadpool, He Got Lucky With Some Of The Best Ladies Of Marvel


Deadpool is an eccentric antihero with crazy powers and perhaps the biggest prankster who cares two hoots about trolling his fellow superheroes and other personalities.

Deadpool was one of the highest grossing R-Rated superhero movies of 2016 and turned Ryan Reynolds into a star. Also, it is notable to mention that Deadpool is a major hit with the ladies ranging from superhero to villain to straight up alien life forms even. There no female that Deadpool has trouble bedding.

With that in mind here’s a list of 10 lucky women from Marvel who have had the honor to sleep with Deadpool

10. Copycat:

Vanessa Carlyle was supposed to have married Wade, but then Wade got cancer and got into Weapon X program. Vanessa discovered her special mutant shapeshifting abilities, and the two ended up working together on several missions.  Vanessa’s powers were a combination of Mystique’s shapeshifting and Rogue’s power-copying.

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9. Siryn:

Siryn worked alongside Wade where they fought Juggernaut and Black Tom. During the fight, his face mask came off, and he pleaded Siryn not to try to come near him. But she saw his face and caressed him. Since then Deadpool was crazy about her and would watch over her as she slept.

8. Death:

It was a classic love story that took place when Wade was in Weapon X, and he came so close to death, but she made it bearable for him to survive the pain and torture.

7. Mercedes Wilson:

Deadpool started to see these visions of a specific woman who turned out to be his wife who had died and then brought back to life. Her name was Mercedes.

6. Anastasia:

While on a mission to assassinate load of mobsters, Deadpool met a tattoo artist named Anastasia and immediately fell for her.

5. Outlaw:

She was also a mercenary who possesses the mutant power of enhanced strength. Deadpool started flirting with her, spent money to get her place to live and in return, she slept with him.

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4. Gretchen Wilson:

She was the first wife of Deadpool and has slept with him but has since sent him a restraining order.

3. Black Widow:

Deadpool met Black Widow and got attracted towards each other. He asked her if she had a boyfriend, she was surprised and laughed at his one-liners. And that’s how it began.

2. Orksa:

Deadpool got it on with Macho Gomez’s wife Orksa and got married on the spot. It was Orksa’s fourth marriage.

1. Shiklah:

Deadpool was hired by Dracula to find out Shiklah to bring their monsters kingdoms together. She seduced Deadpool with a kiss and suck all his energies, but he survived that shocked her. The two fell for each other which worked out when they reached Dracula’s place as he changed his plans from marrying Shiklah to killing her.


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