Kylie Jenner Recreates The Popular 2016 Meme With None Other Than Stormi


The Jenners and the Kardashians rule the world, at least the Social Media World. Any influencer would think twice before repeating a trend not popular anymore but not the Jenners and Kardashians. They don’t follow the trend, they make the trend. It can be argued that one of the major reasons behind the craze of social media could be attributed to the Kardashian- Jenner Family. Each and every member of this family is highly active on every social media platform. Other celebrities have followed their suit. They were arguably the first ones to be able to make such a huge business out of it. Therefore they have been regularly dubbed as the American Royal Family. The amount of interest people have in their lives is insane. But unlike the British Royals they actually seek to fulfil this interest through their hit E! News Reality show and by regularly posting on Social Media and of course we eat up every bit of it.

All eyes are constantly on them but recently one Kardashian Jenner has been more in news than others. The youngest Jenner has been recently in news because of the breakdown in her relationship but seems like she is doing all fine as she poses happily wither daughter.

One of the most highly followed and popular instagrammers of the world Kylie Jenner recently offered her fans a peek into her world. Kylie’s daughter Stormi has also become a sensation in her own right.

On January 15, 2020 Kylie graced us with her and her daughter with a series of photos she posted in her stories. In her last photo she and her daughter recreated a popular meme from 2016 as both she and Stormi dressed identically and posed side by side in killer shades with the caption “Don’t talk to me or my daughter ever again”.

This meme was widespread in 2016 with influencers, personalities, actors and comic book characters posing side by side with their younger selves in identical clothes having the above mentioned caption.


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