Kraven To Get His Own Movie


Sometimes every fan in the comic book world feels bad for Sony. I mean they were the ones who first brought superhero back into fashion with their Raimi trilogy but somehow it all fell apart even with the second movie being hailed as the greatest comic book movie ever made and marvel swooped in to make all the profits. But seems like Sony has finally learned how to make profit on Marvel properties as they are ready to expand the universe through the hero they once had total monopoly over. Last year they released Venom and finally found their footing after all these years and are now more than ready to go that route. They will continue to create their own Spidey verse using the various characters that appear in the comic.

And let me tell you there are many starting from Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, Venom, Morbius and Kraven the hunter. The fans of the last character must grow elated as casting for this character has reportedly started. According to speculations the character will appear in its own solo movie as well as a Spider Man movie most probably the next one, as the locations in which the film is being shot heavily hint towards its appearance.

The lead character is described as a “maniacal big game hunter,” which completely fits with the plot of the new movie as in the last movie the Spiderman is on the run with a huge target on his back.

Sony and Disney have a deal of making at least one more Spiderman movie and also a non Spiderman movie together. Beyond that what happens is unknown. But due to the recent reports confirming Raimi’s return for Doctor Strange sequel, Spidey fans should be positive as it may hint towards a multiverse including all the previous Spiderman.


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