Knives Out To Have A Sequel With A Possible Franchise


Seems like Daniel Craig is ready to jump from one franchise to another. This year he would appear in his Swan Song appearance as the devilishly handsome Secret Agent James Bond and yes it would be his final appearance he has confirmed so, therefore the fans should have zero hopes . But he is more than ready to leave one detective behind for another as when asked during the promotions of James bond he gave an affirmative answer towards his return as Blanc.

He played Blanc in last year’s critical and commercial hit Knives out, where his character set out to find the killer of the head of a huge publishing house. The case was quite difficult as there were many suspects who benefited from this death.

If given an opportunity the producers would be more than happy to bring the movie back as it was a very profitable venture earning more than 300 million dollars.

After months of speculation Lionsgate finally confirmed that it would be moving forward with  sequel possibly establish a franchise, too.

The speculations were rife as writer/director Rian Johnson himself said that he would be willing to move forward with the sequel. Johnson was also nominated for Best Original Screenplay at this year’s Academy Awards for his work in the movie . Johnson wants to create what Agatha Christie created with Poirot and Miss Marple. But the first priority for him is to write a script worth the legacy established by the first movie .

One of the major reasons both the director and actor wanted to return to this movie was because of the successful collaboration they had with each other. The camaraderie they shared over the course of the movie is what elated them at the prospect of return.


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