Kingdom Hearts Officially Announced The Release Of Its New Game In Spring 2020


As previously speculated by the various ‘cryptic posts’ on their social media account, a new Kingdom Hearts game is soon going to release.

In the last few days the official twitter handle of the game release a Q&A titled “13 Questions of Darkness” which now in retrospective seems very telling, as the official description or tagline reads  “Why did he become the seeker of darkness,”

In the 12th question of the said Q&A a query regarding the development of new projects was made and in answer to that the handle replied that two new teams were at work on new projects for the series and one of those teams was going to release a new title very soon.

We are now going to get it!! Nothing else regarding the games have been released but a competition has been introduced for all the fans.

They are temporarily calling the soon to be released game “Project Xehanort” the fans are now going to have the opportunity to guess the name of the project. If they guess it correctly, then according to the official handle they are going to ‘win big’.

The fans will have to follow the official Twitter account Project Xehanortthen add a comment with their guess and with the hashtag #KHNameContest. The campaign will end on January 28, 2020 and feature 10 winners.

The fans have to keep certain rules in mind before participating. The names must not

  1. Contain obscenity, vulgarity, discrimination, or any other offensive subject matter
  2. Infringe upon copyright/intellectual property, personal credit, privacy, etc.
  3. Counter to public order and/or morals grossly deviant from the established theme

The game in all probability will release in spring 2020. This news must surely give all the Kingdom Hearts fans something to look forward to.

The games are developed and published by Square Enix.


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