Kim is still not afraid to bare it all, on the face


The Kardashians own everything and sometimes everyone. Everyone (ok maybe that’s a stretch) loves them and wants to be them. There is a reason they are called The American Royalty and man do they own this title. Everything from their dresses to shoes to headbands is worth owning, well if you are among the one percenter. But unlike the actual Royalty they sometimes let their hairs lose and honestly they should or otherwise things can go haywire. Case in point – Megxit.

They let loose a plenty and most of the time it is for everyone to see, either in their social media accounts or there are times they don’t even have to try. The paparazzi does their work for them.

Something like this happened recently when Kim was snapped make up free while stepping out on January 17 for a laser hair removal appointment. The snaps reminded everyone of the early days of Keeping up with the Kardashians. She looked beyond amazing and served everyone a reminder as to why she broke out in the reality circuit and became an obsession in the early 2000s.

Even after owning literally a cosmetic conglomerate KKW beauty there are many instances when she showcases her natural beauty like when earlier that day she was captured leaving her Husband’s office wearing Grey Sweats. Maye her husband is a common factor for this as she was previously captured in a laid back look for a date night with Kanye in Aug. 2019.

There is a reason we love the Kardashians and one of the reasons for it is the confidence they possess. All the Karjenner sisters remain equally unbothered about their looks. Both Kylie and Kendall have went and continue to go make up free. Kylie Jenner, 22 was pictured without her usual makeup products on while looking at vintage pieces at the What Goes Around Comes Around store in Beverly Hills in Nov. 2019.Kendall Jenner, 24, was also spotted wearing a natural face and Aerosmith T-shirt to walk her dog in Los Angeles in Aug. 2019.


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