115+ Keanu Reeves Quotes From The Awe Inspiring John Wick Himself

Keanu Reeves best quotes

These Keanu Reeves quotes are from the awe inspiring john wick himself. There are so many Keanu Reeves quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Keanu Reeves quotes exists just do that.

Keanu Reeves was conceived on September 2, 1964, in Beirut, Lebanon, to Samuel Nowlin Keanu Reeves and Patricia Keanu Reeves. His dad was an Asian-American geologist of Chinese and Hawaiian plummet and his mom was an English showgirl. Keanu Reeves’ first name signifies ‘cool wind over the mountains’ in the Hawaiian language. His folks got separated from when he was just 3 years of age. Keanu Reeves used to move around starting with one spot then onto the next with his mom and had numerous stepfathers. After his folks’ formal separation, Keanu Reeves and his mom moved to Sydney, Australia, where she filled in as an outfit planner. In there, his relative Kim was conceived and them three again moved to New York, while his dad went to live in Hawaii where Keanu Reeves visited him until he was 13 years of age. It involved at some point that his mom again wedded for the second time in New York to chief Paul Aaron and they all moved to Toronto with him and accomplished Canadian citizenship.

In any case, just a year after, the couple split and Keanu Reeves’ mom wedded for the third time in the year 1976 to a stone advertiser called Robert Miller and Keanu Reeves second relative Karina was conceived. She got separated again and wedded for the fourth time in the year 1994 to a beautician called Jack Bond. The majority of this enthusiastic precariousness and geological vagrancy, Keanu Reeves and his sisters were for the most part raised by sitters and grandparents. He went to four distinctive secondary schools which included Etobicoke School of the Arts from where he was removed however he was not a very following young man. He is additionally going to schools like De La Salle College and the Toronto School for the Performing Arts. He dropped out of the school forever at 17 years old and chose to take up acting in the motion pictures as his vocation decision. In secondary school, he was never a scholastic and studious young man; he was more into ice-hockey and shows. In the year 1979, when Keanu Reeves was just 15, he acted at the Leah Posluns Theater in the stage creation of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. After that, he did his introduction on TV with CBC Television’s sitcom ‘Hangin’In’. In the year 1980s, he did plugs for huge brands like Coca-Cola, short movies like ‘One Step Away’, organize creations like ‘Wolfboy’, and so on. In the year 1984, he additionally did correspondence for a TV youth program ‘Going Great’, for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

We have dug up these Keanu Reeves quotes from the depths of the internet and brought together best of these sayings in a single article. This post is probably the biggest database of Keanu Reeves Sayings in a single place. These famous Keanu Reeves quotes have the power to change your life by giving a novel outlook about the way you observe different aspects of your life. Hence, these popular Keanu Reeves quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. Here are tons of Keanu Reeves quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences: –

“Falling in love and having a relationship are two different things.”

Keanu Reeves best quotes

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“I try not to think about my life. I have no life. I need therapy.”

Keanu Reeves quotes

“I want to make a good, solid kung fu movie.”

Keanu Reeves famous quotes

“If it doesn’t have that element to it, it doesn’t really attract me.”

Keanu Reeves popular quotes

“mirror that is an archetype of our own time and our own life.”

Keanu Reeves saying

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“A relationship is an imaginative act, it’s an act of creation. Someone said to me the other day that a relationship between a person and a kid is unconditional; but the relationship between adults, to each other, is conditional, in a sense. But that condition can be the best kind.”

“Abstract expression is so solid, so successful and recognizable, but there’s a mystery about the artists that goes into it, a fetishism about the artists themselves and who they were.”

“And I had a great time making Reloaded and Revolutions. It’s great that people are coming out to see the films and I hope they enjoy them.”

“And of course to work with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, and work with a wonderful, beautiful script directed by Nancy Meyers, it was really for me a dream come true.”

“Art is about trying to find the good in people and making the world a more compassionate place.”

“Artists are losing the choice to use film. People have a love for it – the grain, how it feels, the texture.”

“Basically it starts with four months of training, just basic stretching, kicking and punching. Then you come to the choreography and getting ready to put the dance together.”

“Because we’re actors we can pretend and fake it, but I’d rather the intimate investment was authentic.”

“But I did ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.’ They made a cereal out of it, so once you’ve had a cereal, it doesn’t get much more surreal than that. Surreal cereal.”

“But I think we’re also just talking about the literacy of the audience. The visual literacy of the audience. They’ve seen so many images now, especially here in the States. There’s so much to look at, to watch. So the visual storytelling literacy is harder to impress.”

“But, you know, it’s still a drag to get your picture taken when you’re eating a sandwich. It’s a downer.”

“Can you get halfway around the world? Can you do a walking trail of the movie?”

“Energy can’t be created or destroyed, and energy flows. It must be in a direction, with some kind of internal, emotive, spiritual direction. It must have some effect somewhere.”

“Environmental issues are on everyone’s mind. It’s part of our culture now and I can only applaud and laud anyone who is doing what they can and raising awareness.”

“Even in the face of tragedy, a stellar person can thrive. No matter what’s going on in your life, you can overcome it! Life is worth living.”

“Even though they are such fantastical characters and situations, it’s still a man trying to figure it out. These motifs of messiahs and heroes and anti-heroes, these journeys are things that we deal with in our day to day.”

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“Eventually, it came to this place like, ‘I’d like to direct, but I need to find the story to tell.’ ‘Man of Tai Chi’ became the story to tell.”

“Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger.”

“Grief changes shape but it never ends.”

“Grief changes shape, but it never ends. People have a misconception that you can deal with it and say, ‘It’s gone, and I’m better.’ They’re wrong.”

“Hallelujah! Amen! Christianity is so inherent in western story-telling, you can’t really get around it. But it wasn’t something that drew me to it more or less.”

“Here comes 40. I’m feeling my age and I’ve ordered the Ferrari. I’m going to get the whole mid-life crisis package.”

“How do I confront aging? With a wonder and a terror. Yeah, I’ll say that. Wonder and terror.”

“How do people relate to movies now, when they’re on portable devices or streaming them? It’s not as much about going to the movies. That experience has changed.”

“I always felt a bit alone and isolated from other people…I did a lot of pretending as a child. It was my way of coping with the fact that I didn’t feel like I fit in.”

“I am not handsome or sexy. Of course, it’s not like I am hopeless.”

“I am waiting for the right story to tell. Just like ‘Man of Tai Chi’ just seemed to be the right story to tell. So I’m looking for that. Because I really love directing. I love developing the story. I love actors. I love the cinema of it, the way that you tell a story visually.”

“I believe in love at first sight. You want that connection, and then you want some problems.”

“I cried over beauty, I cried over pain, and the other time I cried because I felt nothing. I can’t help it. I’m just a cliché of myself. ”

“I do think there must be some kind of interaction between your living life and the life that goes on from here.”

“I don’t know the law, the kind of law of quantity and quality, but I think the opportunity of people being able to express themselves and to have the means of production is a great thing. It’s also changing how we’re telling stories.”

“I got smelled, … we had a lovely conversation, and I was in.”

“I got the script, read the script, really liked it,”

“I guess I’m not really involving my imagination to that of a circumstance or happening – I’m just kind of acknowledging it as an existence. ”

“I guess living without love, without experiencing it or being able to give it is pretty strong punishment.”

“I had the classic 40 meltdown. I did. It’s embarrassing. It was pretty funny. But then I recovered. To me, it was like a second adolescence. Hormonally, my body was changing, my mind was changing, and so my relationship to myself and the world around me came to this assault of finiteness.”

“I have a producing partner named Stephen Hamel, and we’ve been trying to generate material.”

“I have definitely been curious and involved in the process; even as a young actor. I was always looking at where the camera was, what story it was telling. And as my experience grew, I wanted to know even more.”

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“I hope I get the bliss. And I know I’m going to have to work for it. But I’ve got to say, really, I have no kind of, can I say “secular religiosity”? … I don’t have a denominational sight.”

“I just couldn’t sit through Harold and Maude one more time, … Diane has really old tastes for a woman her age.”

“I just felt that if I went into Speed 2, I just… wouldn’t have come up out of the water.”

“I like meeting directors. It can be helpful because sometimes when you meet filmmakers you find out if you like them and if they like you, and that is important in terms of considering a role. Choosing a role is all about whether I relate to the role and the story really. That’s the criteria.”

“I liked his richness of feeling. I don’t know how else to describe it. No matter what he was doing, he felt it. He just seemed so open.”

“I loved the material when I first read it, and the experience of making the film was a great one. So when we came around to complete the trilogy, I just signed on board without even reading the scripts because the experience of the first film was so good.”

“I mean, I went to a Catholic boys’ school for a year, but that was to play hockey. Religion class was quite contentious for me.”

“I mean, if you didn’t get it or if you didn’t feel like you enjoyed it, sometimes that experience can change.”

“I think – I don’t know, maybe it’s nostalgia. But the choice, losing the choice to be able to use film is going to be – it’s gone. It’s going to be gone.”

“I think the form, the Hollywood movie, I think the quality is obviously always going to be there and I think that the question of taste, there’s always a question of taste.”

“I used to have nightmares that they would put ‘He played Ted’ on my tombstone.”

“I was always interested – I mean, it’s kind of part of your job – I was always interested in the camera.”

“If we’re talking about the science fiction or action genres, I’ve always tried when I could to do them in a way that’s not just cookie-cutter – that they bring something fresh or original to it, have some kind of ideas to it. I’ve been fortunate, in some sense, to do those kinds of movies that are unique.”

“If you can make a woman laugh, you’re seeing the most beautiful thing on God’s earth.”

“If you have been brutally broken but still have the courage to be gentle to other living beings, then you’re a badass with a heart of an angel.”

“I’m a meathead, man. You’ve got smart people, and you’ve got dumb people. I just happen to be dumb. ”

“I’m a meathead. I can’t help it, man. You’ve got smart people and you’ve got dumb people. I just happen to be dumb.”

“I’m meeting with Adrian Lyne and Catherine Zeta- Jones to do a reading of some of the scenes and hopefully we can get that picture made.”

“I’m Mickey Mouse. They don’t know who’s inside the suit.”

“I’m not a photographer, so I didn’t get into F-stops or ND filters or background, foreground, cross-light, all that stuff. But I was interested in the camera and the lenses. That’s the world that I’m moving in, in terms of acting and giving a performance.”

“I’m sorry my existence is not very noble or sublime.”

“In my quiet, I was working something out.”

“It was just a lot of fun, really great,”

“It would be awesome to get him, even for just a cameo.”

“It’s fun to be hopelessly in love. It’s dangerous, but it’s fun.”

“It’s always wonderful to get to know women, with the mystery and the joy and the depth. If you can make a woman laugh, you’re seeing the most beautiful thing on God’s Earth.”

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“It’s easy to become very self-critical when you’re an actor. Then you get critiqued by the critics. Whether you agree with them or not, people are passing judgment on you.”

“It’s the journey of self, I guess. You start with this kind of loner, outside guy, which a lot of people can relate to, and he goes out into the world.”

“I’ve been pleased to work with so many wonderful stars through the years. This has been an amazing journey. I hope it continues.”

“I’ve been really fortunate to be able to do different kinds of films in different scales, different genres, different kinds of roles, and that is important to me.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many great directors. Different styles, as well, like Gus Van Sant. He just does the casting and the milieu and let’s you do your thing, quietly. Bertolucci, who can talk to you about your internal world in quite a creative way or just say, ‘Well, put your hand over here.'”

“Kissing someone is pretty intimate, actually very intimate, and your heart always kind of skips a beat before you do that.”

“Letters are something from you. It’s a different kind of intention than writing an e-mail.”

“Life and art had a nice parallel, in the sense of coming together as strangers who are separate in prison who need to work together, getting to know each other.”

“Life is good when you have a good sandwich.”

“Money doesn’t mean anything to me. I’ve made a lot of money, but I want to enjoy life and not stress myself building my bank account. I give lots away and live simply, mostly out of a suitcase in hotels. We all know that good health is much more important.”

“Money doesn’t mean anything to me. I’ve made a lot of money, but I want to enjoy life and not stress myself building my bank account. I give lots away and live simply, mostly out of a suitcase in hotels. We all know that good health is much more important.”

“Mortality is very different when you’re 20 to when you’re 50.”

“My name can’t be that tough to pronounce!”

“Oftentimes, when we think of 3D, we think of things coming out of the screen, but actually, you’ve got this zero, this negative space, what they call the negative space, which is the scene, what’s being filmed in the positive space of the audience. As you can have things come out, you can have all of this depth.”

“On a good night, I get underwear, bras, and hotel-room keys thrown onstage… You start to think that you’re Tom Jones.”

“On his new motorbike: I wanted to spend some time with it and get to know it.”

“One interview would lead us to another interview, which led us to another interview. We had the questions and the idea of chonicling this moment in time. But we didn’t have a movie, per se. As we started interviewing people, it started to kind of define itself.”

“Our saving grace! Um, as a species [humans] we can be pretty warm and fuzzy. But maybe for this, it’s the adaptability, or the heart and soul. We’re not all that bad. I don’t really know!”

“People were saying that David Geffen and I had gotten married and it just blew me away. Not that they thought I was gay, but that they thought I could land a guy that hot.”

“Performing an exorcism was like changing your oil. It’s a drag, but necessary.”

“So many people have that relationship. The companionship. The connection. To our – to other beings, our pets. I hate to call them pets. But you know, to other creatures that we share our lives with.”

“Sometimes enemies are our best teachers, people can learn from their mistakes, destruction sometimes means rebirth.”

“Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to take the time out to enjoy the beauty in life.”

“Sometimes when you make a film you can go away for three months and then come back and live your life. But this struck a much deeper chord. I don’t have the ability yet to speak about it in an objective.”

“‘Speed’ and ‘Point Break’ were a lot of running and jumping, and then ‘The Matrix Trilogy’ had a lot of fights and wire work and green screen elements.”

“Sure I believe in God and the Devil, but they don’t have to have pitchforks and a long white beard.”

“The acting experience and the collaborating and creating the world, working on the piece, they’re the same joys.”

“The anti-hero or hero usually has a journey or quest so they are interesting as you find out what’s going to happen, what they are looking for. What are they trying to do? Sometimes what they do is heroic or comes with a price or sacrifice or maybe the way they do things isn’t so great and that’s when they become anti-heroes. But the journey of an anti-hero combined with a good story done well is always worthwhile.”

“The inspiration really comes first from the character and the story. That vision of what the story is, and what the character is, the world that they inhabit and what the story wants to tell. That’s really what inspires me.”

“The person who was holding me back from my happiness was me.”

“The serialization through the Internet or through digital portals, means of ways of communicating, and I think that’s great.”

“The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way.”

“The truth is often terrifying, which I think is one of the motifs of Larry and Andrew’s cinema. The cost of knowledge is an important theme. In the second and third films, they explore the consequences of Neo’s choice to know the truth. It’s a beautiful, beautiful story.”

“The whole aspect of cinema and film festivals should be a moment to come together and celebrate art and humanity. It would be a shame if there was such a divide.”

“There were no paranormal events that took place on the film that I know of. Thank God!”

“Violence within the context of policing has a sense of control and power to it, whether it is dominance, getting what you want, or acting out of emotion. At the same time, it is not ultimately satisfying and [you are] trapped in the cycle.”

“When I don’t feel free and can’t do what I want, I just react. I go against it.”

“When I don’t feel free and can’t do what I want I just react. I go against it.”

“When I read in US Weekly the other day that she was fifty-nine, … I was like, ‘whoa, dude, no way she’s old enough to be my mother.’ Being with somebody that old is like committing incest, only you’re not related.”

“When I work on a film, you know, I try to get or inhabit the body of the character -from the vision of the directors or how i think the character should be – so if it’s a film like SPEED, you hit the gym, you get to do some, train with SWAT People, hehe, but in general, I’m really focused and dedicated, and then in regular life, I don’t go to the gym as often.”

“When the people you love are gone, you’re alone.”

“When we talk about how movies used to be made, it was over 100 years of film, literal, physical film, with emulsion, that we would expose to light and we would get pictures.”

“When you truly understand karma then you realize you are responsible for everything in your life. It is incredibly empowering to know that your future is in your hands.”

“You have to change your life if you’re not happy, and wake up if things aren’t going the way you want.”

“You know what, I’d done an interview show when I was like 16 or 17. One of my first jobs. I did interviews for this television show in Toronto.”

“You want to play another kind of character in another genre, and it’s been something I’ve been trying to do if I can in the career so far, and it’s something I hope to continue because it’s interesting to me and you get to do different things as an actor.”


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