Kathleen Kennedy Announces The Future Star Wars Movie To Be Directed By A Woman


The LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy has affirmed the fact that the next Star Wars Movie is absolutely going to be directed by a female director. Kennedy, herself a female had taken the helm of the Lucasfilm production in 2012. Under her guidance, the production released the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The Rise of Skywalker was also the first film that was directed by a black female, who was the second unit director.

Victoria Mahoney was chosen as the lead director of the film, JJ Abrahms who asked the Disney filmmaker Ava DuVernay for a list of potential female directors. DuVernay had only one name to offer in the list and the position was offered to Victoria Mahoney immediately. Mahoney was given the responsibility of the second unit that shot the stunt scenes and inserts.

It is believed that Mahoney’s inclusion was an attempt on Kennedy’s part to make the Lucasfilm talent pool more diverse. But her attempts were not limited there, she next chose Deborah Chow, a Canadian director of Chinese descent, for the Disney+ series The Mandolorian, already on its second season.

What was even more revolutionary about Chow’s position was that she was the first woman in the Star Wars franchise history to direct a live-action story in 42 years. Chow was followed by actress Bryce Dallas Howard as the second woman, who also directed an episode of the series.


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