Karen Gillan reveals her wish to play DC’S Batgirl


We have seen various actors move from DC to Marvel and mostly because, well their DC movies flop. Case in point Ryan Reynolds and Jared Leto. But can an actor move from Marvel to DC and actually play both the characters aka heroes. Can it happen for anyone? Can anyone be legendary enough to pull it off? If it can happen for anybody it would be Karen Gillan.

I mean a role in the Doctor Who Universe, Jumanji Universe and Marvel Universe. Could her career get more awesome? The answer is yes. A role as the iconic Batgirl.

And according to her latest interview it is not only the dream of her ardent fans but also of herself. During the promotions of her upcoming film Jumanji: The Next Level she was asked by Omelete which superhero character she would like to play and her answer was Batgirl and as the answer of a follow up question she also revealed that she would also like to direct a movie centred around the fan favourite superhero.

Even though Karen is much beloved as Nebula as whom she will most probably appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 it would be mind blowing to see her as Batgirl in a movie produced by Warner Bros. and DC Comics. Talking about Nebula she termed the character as twisted and bitter because of the treatment she has received by the hands of her own father Thanos. But now after his death since the source of her abuse has been eliminated it will be very interesting for her as well as the viewers to see what she makes of her life. The trajectory of her relationship with her sister also remains a source of speculation among the avid fans.

Whichever character Karen chooses to come on screen as it will surely be a delight for her fans.


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