Kang To Be Introduced Through Loki Series


Every Marvel Fan has their eyes on the upcoming Marvel series in Disney+, not only do we get to see our favourite characters like Falcon, Wands and Loki. We finally also get an understanding about how Marvel will go forward with their phase 4. Phase 1 to 3 has been nothing short of epic for Marvel Cinematic universe and also for Disney as it churned out millions of dollars with its amazing characters and gripping storyline

But now the question that looms is, What now? How the entire franchise progresses without Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow. Honesty who is there to defeat after Thanos. Can the world be in peace after, Thanos’ death or is there some other sinister being right around the corner.

Now it seems like we will get the answers through Loki as sources have suggested that it might introduce Kang The Conqueror, a time traveling villain who wreaks havoc on our Avengers and is the main enemy of Time Variance Authority. He has appeared in various forms in the comics as Kang the Conqueror”; the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Rama-Tut (while on break from his Kang persona); as a young man he becomes the leader of the Young Avengers, Iron Lad; the mayor of a quiet early 20th century town in Illinois, Victor Timely (just as a vacation spot); and in his older, wiser years, a scholar and protector of the time stream, known as Immortus.

The creation of Time keeper has literally made him immortal. And Loki’s disappearance himself indicated that he might be involved in the multiverse.

The various hints of a multi verse starting from Raimi’s involvement to the new theme of Doctor Strange movie indicative by its title there is no better time to introduce Kang.

So will we see him. Well we will have to wait for the series which will debut later this year on Disney+


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