Jungle Cruise Sinks At Disney World


Disney Park has been very correctly labelled as the happiest place on earth. And you know what it is in a multitude of ways. It makes us happy in ways we don’t even understand. To truly understand this sort of happiness, you need to go back to your childhood and feel the literal elation you felt when you saw characters like Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse. Then you will truly feel the importance off this place.

Hundreds and millions of people every year go to this wonderful locale to enjoy their stay to the fullest. This place brings the child in you.

All of its visitors go on their with the intention of having the best time of their lives. And most of the time the promise is delivered. But this park as heavenly as it is, at the end of the day is operated by humans. And humans can make mistakes and cause malfunction.

The malfunction happened in the hugely successful Jungle Cruise in which the entire cruise sort of drowned. I am saying sort of because the water did not really have that much height or depth.

This incident happened in Disney World when, one of the boats in the iconic Jungle Cruise attraction sank while passengers were on board. The hugely popular attraction in Magic Kingdom was on a normal run during the middle of the day when it took on water and sank.

The boat reportedly sank around 12:30 ET, due to which the authorities closed down  the entire ride. Jungle Cruise reopened for guests about 90 minutes later. Fortunately none of the passengers suffered any injuries .

Guests in attendance have been taking to social media throughout the day, to post about this one of a kind weird experience at Disney World and on Jungle Cruise. One guest, Matthew Vince, posted a picture from the boat, showing several people standing in a bit of water while on deck.


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