The Time When Juggernaut And She-Hulk Hooked Up And Destroyed Hotel Room While Doing It

The Time When Juggernaut And She-Hulk Hooked Up And Destroyed Hotel Room While Doing It

She looks like an Amazonian and is more in control of her transformation and also on her intellect even in the Hulk form, and that’s why She-Hulk is at contrast with the basic concept of “Hulk.” The character debuted in 1980, and while she was an introvert lawyer before a mafia-linked shooting incident, Jennifer Walters became a stunning yet notorious superhero. She has done numerous less than honorable things in the comic books, and yes you are spot on because this is exactly what you think.

She-Hulk and The Juggernaut (iconic X-Men villain) once wrecked a hotel room as they indulged in their..acts of pleasure.

Cain Marko aka The Juggernaut, was in the midst of a sporadic period of reformed heroism back then, when Chuck Austin had a terrible run with Uncanny X-Men. Therefore, it is not all that crazy to see Jen take a liking to the monstrous guy. She was known for her flirtations as She-Hulk, was hired as his defense lawyer, and that made their romp a bit unethical too, but, as we know, even She-Hulk needs to be loved.

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Dan Slott later clarified about the happenings of Uncanny X-Men  435, stating that this was just a parallel universe She-Hulk and ensuring that Austin’s portrayal of the character in the narrative had no long-term impacts, other than some snide remarks from her friends and colleagues.

She-Hulk has been seen throughout her time as a sexually free character, and honestly, she is more lovable because of that, despite this being an outcome of her gamma-radiated blood.


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