Joker To Make A Return To IMAX One Last Time


The office run for DC’s Joker is almost over, and it seems like the people at Warner Bros. want to make one huge push to get this film to all the audiences before the holiday blockbusters make their way to the theatres. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Jumanji: The Next Level will dominate IMAX and many other format theaters for, and so, Joker is taking this opportunity to occupy the space they get. The director of Joker, Todd Phillips, had taken to Instagram and announced that Joker would return to IMAX theaters by Friday for one more week. He had used this post to let the fans know that this would be their last chance to watch it on the silver screen.

“Starting Friday (12/6) we are back on IMAX screens across the country,” Phillips had written.

“Last chance to see it on the BIG SCREEN (in the best format)… Also thanks to [American Film Institute] for including Joker on the years 10 best. #Joker – we still here.”

Even without its IMAX re-release, Joker had a pretty great run at the box office. After it had opened on October 4th, the movie had crossed $1 billion and had become the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time and surpassed the Deadpool movies.

What actually makes Joker’s haul so impressive is the movie’s budget as when compared to many of the other comic book-inspired films. The movie was made for just $60 million.


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