Joker Finally Sees His Demise At The Hands Of Harley Quinn


Whoever says that comic book fandoms are not to be taken seriously, should do us all a favour and rip their tongue out? We in the fandom take everything seriously from our heroes to villains and most importantly our ships. We live and die by our ships. Archie fans will go to the deepest corners of the world justifying either Betty and Archie or Veronica and Archie. Same is the case with Superman and Lois Lane or Spiderman and Mary Jane Watson.

But there is one pairing that are a match made in heaven according to everyone which is of Joker and Harley Quinn. Both just suit each other in ways nobody can fathom. The fact that anybody could match up to Joker is unfathomable.

This is one of the most ‘loved’ pairings in the fandom. But the fans of this pairing are in for a rude shock as the latest issue of Batman: Curse of the White Knight does not only see the demise of Joker but it tragically happens in the hands of Harley Quinn.

It was tragic but not really out of character. Those who have followed the aforementioned characters will know that though their love is passionate but it is downright toxic. Joker on multiple occasions have proven to be emotionally manipulative towards Quinn.

After years of that torture it was but obvious that Quinn would protect her twins whom, Joker kidnaps at any cost. Thus she shoots him right at his head.

The whole scenario is emotionally gut wrenching because both of them were extremely near to their happily ever after. Joker got cured and returned as the Jack who loved Quinn. Both of them were about to get married when Joker took over again and ran away with Quinn’s twins.

At the end it all came down to Quinn and after she finally pulled the trigger Jack returned in the near dying body of Joker. It was a heart-breaking end to the epic love story.

But now it is to be seen how the comic goes forward in its already confirmed Threequel.


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