John Diggle To Continue As Green Lantern In The Arrowverse


Arrow verse is heading towards the event that none of its fans wanted in a million years. It was announced last year that Arrow would end with its eighth season and now its gearing towards its final episode on Jan. 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

It cannot be explained in words how much of a profound effect Arrow has had on the landscape of superhero adaptations on TV. Even for DC adaptations in general. In movies DC took a long time to match up to MCU, finally doing so in Wonder Woman. But Arrow held its ground on TV. Not only had that it spawned a universe. It did all of this on CW, when Marvel couldn’t pull it off on big networks like ABC. They made CW their home. I mean the superhero that doesn’t work on other networks magically works on CW. Case in point Constantine and Supergirl.

But now its meeting its end and fans are hysterical as well as sad about it. But there is something to look forward to in this. A long running speculation regarding the Arrowverse is finally going to be answered. The speculation that has haunted fans for years is whether John Diggle is Green Lantern or not?

A major reference to Diggle being Green Lantern came in the “Elseworlds” crossover where Earth-90’s Barry Allen informed Diggle that he was a Lantern in his universe. Not only that in the season 7 episode titled “SPARTAN,” Diggle’s stepfather, Roy Stewart, made an appearance. The comic book fans will know that the Stewart surname is a huge give away and in the comics Roy was John Stewart’s grandfather.

Now CW literally eats up everything Arrowverse offers whether its villains, supporting heroes, alternate present heroes or even future heroes. And here we are talking about a fan favourite character who has been there since the beginning. So can we see a Green Lantern series on CW?

The star David Ramsey himself promised that the Green Lantern theorists will be very happy with the finale.

Though a new Green Lantern series has been announced for the HBO Max. But the fact that it is produced by Greg Berlanti, the father of Arrowverse leaves a lot of room open.


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