Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Expecting Their First Baby


When each and every Jonas Brother settled fans especially the girls coped up with it by saying that well it was bound to happen someday. But then we all collectively fell in love with their wives something they capitalised very well in their music video of Sucker as well as What a man gotta do? And while you are at it go ahead and stream these videos.

And why shouldn’t they the love for them is absolutely amazing. People are collectively very concerned for their happiness and everything. And now a special news has literally made us super happy and at the same time flipped our minds beyond belief.

The news being that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, the adorable couple are expecting their first child. They have had a whirlwind year in 2019 to say the least. They got married twice. One very intimate but publically streamed by one of their friends and another a hugely lavish ceremony in Paris. Both were extremely adorable. And yes I am going to use that word a lot because you know what they are that, adorable.

The news does make sense as she has been avoiding paparazzi for the last few weeks and her outfit choices have been perfect to hide her growing belly. It is unknown whether it was planned or not as both said to their closed ones that they wanted to wait.

Career wise also both of them took huge steps as in Turner closed the chapter on her her iconic role of Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones and at the same time starred as Jean Grey in an X men movie. Both of these projects came with their own share of criticism and flaws. But Turner was lauded in both. While Joe restarted his band with his brothers and enjoyed huge success.


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