Joaquin Phoenix Eyed For The Role Of Captain Hook


Joaquin Phoenix is really getting in the skin of the villainous roles, it seems. After giving a successful and award winning performance as Arthur Fleck aka Joker and surprising critics and audience alike. It seems like that he is getting ready to sink in his teeth in the character of another very popular albeit villainous character Captain Hook.

Since Disney has announced the live action remake of Peter Pan grapevines have been rife with information about potential casting. Till a few days ago rumours were going round that Margot Robbie has all but been confirmed in the role of Tinkerbell and now this.

But it wouldn’t really be shocking if the makers of the movie tentatively retitled Peter Pan and Wendy approach Phoenix with the role as the film would really benefit from his name. there have been speculations that the movie will find its home in the streaming service Disney+ hence the biggest obstacle they would have to face is to make people feel serious about this movie. Similar challenges were faced by Netflix in regards of House Of Cards which they solved by hiring Kevin Spacey. Disney might also go in the same route.

Captain Hook was the main villain in the original movie who was seeking revenge on Peter because he was the reason he lost his hand. He kidnapped Wendy’s brother and put in action the entire plot of the movie.


The role is huge and would require someone with the talents of Phoenix who is all but confirmed to take the academy award for Best Actor.

Disney has been really getting into the live action business in the last couple of years by producing back to back live actions like Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, Lion king, Aladdin and now Mulan which recently dropped its much appreciated trailer.


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