40+ Jesus Jokes That Will Restore Your Faith In The Almighty

popular jesus jokes

Most dazzling Stupid Jokes that are so blockhead, will make you pee your pants. In all honesty, it was a stunt question, and you genuinely don’t have to answer since we are not stirred up, we as a whole in all in with everything thought about like disproportionate jokes, drawing in explanations, and simpleton jokes.

In like manner, as much as we can imagine hearing these including jokes, we have to acquaint them with our loved ones all the time through fulfilling structures, Keeping that as a fundamental concern we have amassed 40+ Jesus Jokes Will Restore Your Faith In The Almighty.

We, when all is said in done, live in get-togethers and, deny it any way we attempt, our gatherings have properties, now and again captivating ones. It is a regarded kind of spellbinding thing, OK, so don’t be strangely hard on us. Goodness heck, these Jesus are commonly stimulating and we wouldn’t address less what you think.

This would incite an amazing response from the Evangelicals. They would make it a central condition of confirmation that an ensured physical, living cat, being a near to pet of the Felix Domesticus species and having a savage looking head and pleasant body, four legs, and a tail, did physically put its whole body on a story covering, organized, in that purpose of control, which is on the floor regardless not of the floor. The verbalization “on the floor regardless of not of the floor” would be explained in a flyer.

Jesus should thank you for your conviction and sponsorship. To all the apparently serve your needs, He demands that you take a couple from minutes to react to the going with referencing. You should survey that your responses will be kept totally bewilder and that you need not uncover your name or address with the exception of in the event that you lean toward a short response to comments or suggestion.

These 40+ Jesus Jokes goes in plain view that paying little regard to how idiot and nitwit these jokes sound, we can never get enough of them. Some of them are essentially superior to different people, while some are more terrible than anything you may have heard in your life. For the most part respect these 40+ Jesus Jokes and spread the vibe.

Jesus was Irish: He was always telling stories. He loved green pastures. He never got married.

best jesus jokes

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Jesus was a Californian: He walked around bare foot. He never cut His hair. He started a new religion.

famous jesus jokes

knock knock…….. “who’s there”………. jesus…… jesus who….. exactly

funny jesus jokes

Jesus was Italian: He had wine with His meals. He used olive oil. He talked with His hands.

jesus jokes

Q: Did you know that they had automobiles in Jesus’ time?
A: Yes, the Bible says that the disciples were all of one Accord.

popular jesus jokes

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Jesus was a woman: He kept trying to get a message across to a bunch of guys who just didn’t get it. He fed a crowd at a moment’s notice when there was no food. Even after He died, He had to get up because there was work to do.

Jesus was Black: He liked Gospel. He called everyone brother. He couldn’t get a fair trial.

Jesus was Jewish: He lived at home until he was 33 years old. He went into His father’s business. He was sure His mother was a virgin and His mother was sure He was God.

Well, Jesus is a dumb ass idiot. I bet that most people don’t have their prayers answered because Christ is too busy biting his nails like a sissy ass bitch instead of trying to give what people want.
No bitch comes to my mind more that the idiot we know for killing himself on the cross….
Why can’t Jesus get off the cross?
Because he can’t bite the nails like he bits the ones on his fingers…
Why can’t Jesus eat candy?
The candy slides through the holes in his hands…
Let’s look at the idiotic bitch and laugh, because there are Jesus jokes on plenty of sites, and that dumb ass idiot deserves
Stupid bitch… Here’s a letter than represent him

How did Jesus whistle?
By blowing air through the holes in his hands?
Jesus is a dumb bitch, but he is good for something…
For being a dumb ass with no intelligence…
That’s what he really is

We need to throw a party for Jesus?
Beer and nails for everyone…
Let’s talk about Jesus shall we?
A bitch… and dumb ass motherfucker….
And a sissy for biting his nails in boredom waiting to be crucified

mary and st. peter were the only ones at the crucifiction….hiding in the rocks from the ROMANS.
When everyone left jesus started mumbling….
Mary couldnt hear so she moved a little closer…
More mumbling came and they moved closer…
Finally they said ” What are you saying?”
Jesus Replied…. “Peter… I can see your house from here!!!!!!”

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Jesus is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to anyone on this earth. i truly love him no matter what anyone says! he was the bravest person in the whole world and is stronger than anyone and you guys are going to find that out when you go to HELL!!!!!

Just checkin shit out!!! These mother fucker shall have their reward. Dueces!!!

Hi, I have no problem with people loving Jesus etc but at the same time judging people who clearly dont believe isnt a reason to judge other people WWJD

Jesus was a ninja ,he walked on water to beat Chuck Norris.

So you won’t kneel fuckin down. Jesus is coming soon. Those who didn’t kneel down will “bend fucking over. I’m here to let you know: “HE’S DRIVING!!!”
one of dem “Jesus Freaks”

jesus is so awsome he could kill you in heat bep

Jesus is not real quit believing a fairy tale called the bible

Joe, don’t make a fool of yourself by saying “Jesus isn’t real.” Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are not real. Yeshua Ben Maryam is indisputably real. Other than the Bible, numerous secular Roman historians wrote about the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth (i.e. Tacitus, Flavius Josephus, Suetonius, Pliny the Younger, etc…). You ought to delete this comment asap unless you don’t mind broadcasting your ignorance for all to see.

What’s the difference between Jesus, and a Mexican?
Jesus doesn’t have a tattoo of a Mexican

How do u know that jesus was gay?
he got nailed by guys

When Jesus is in doubt he just looks at his bracelet:
What Should I Do?

Why did the bombo fall in love with Jesus?
She heard that he was hung like this: (spread arms in crucifix position)
Why did the bimbo dump Jesus?
She only got to nail him once and it took him three days to rise!

Dude Jesus was never married.

Jesus was never married. Where do you morons get these lies from? Certainly not the Bible. Stop believing FICTIONAL novels like the Davinci Code. Do you even understand what the definition of “fiction” is? This comment really makes you look stupid. And I know for a fact you’re not a Christian so you can spread all the false rumors and lies you want in Hell where liars belong.

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“Judas got a reprieve!!!!”
I am FIRE. Your GOD is less than the one I serve!!!
I get EVERYTHING that I pray for. My prayer is that you get what the fuck you deserve.

Comment on Hell is fresh out of fire!!!
Hell is fresh out of fire!!!
Hell is fresh out of fire.
There is a waiting list a mile long.
Judas got a fucking reprieve.
If Pointus Pilate turn his “dumb” ass around. He could knock on Heaven’s door!!!

You guyz are such an ASS HOLE…..bluddy cowards… dont respect jesus…who gave you life to live…bastards….. fuccckin Ass Holes…. atleast respect what u have…. otherwise GOD will never forgive you….. bluddy, create jokes on jesus
take this as an advice…

Looks like Mack Donald should have picked up a grammar book a couple times instead of the Bible. Learn how to form a sentence. Maybe people would take you seriously then – but somehow I still doubt it.

fuck you jesus freaks god doesnt exist. hes a made up fucking person so people dont have to see the truth: THAT WHOEVER THINKS HE IS REAL IS JUST FUCKING RETARDED!!!!!

Comment on Stop with your boring jokes.you dont respect jesus,whats wrong with you?
Stop with your boring jokes.you dont respect jesus,whats wrong with you?
Guys! Dnt u hv something better to do?hey jesus exists and he IS OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR.So stop with your boring jokes about him.

Hey, even God had a sense of humor… look he made retards and midgets

Says the one who is looking up Jesus jokes online…

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Religious people are drunks that don’t have the balls to face life sober.

My dear Bro & Sis, Jesus coming soon , the judgement will be their , he who is one living God & Loving God thats why you & me still living othe wise ?

Why didn’t Jesus go to mexico? Because he couldn’t find three wise men or a virgin.

Thats funny, coz jesus actually was black/dark skin toned.. considering he came from Israel..

yeh.. Jesus actually was Jewish.. He just started up christianity.


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