DC Fans Rejoice: Warner Bros. Has Announced Jared Leto’s Joker Solo Movie


Variety has reported that Jared Leto’s character of Joke is now officially set to get a solo movie. The film is going to be the first of a  series of spinoffs emerging from Suicide Squad.

In case what Variety’s sources have said, is true, then Leto will not only star but, also executive produce the presently unnamed solo movie.  For the time being, story details are not being shared, but, what we assume is that Warner Bros. has plans to further explore the world that we saw in Suicide Squad in 2016. This supervillain movie didn’t really regale the critics, but, fans loved whatever glimpses of Joker were shown in the film. It was a hotly debated topic whether Leto was the right choice to play Joker, and his behind-the-scenes gimmicks as Joker were all over the internet before the release of the film. Therefore, we think that Warner Bros are ready to rest some of their future plans on a bad guy.

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This is not going to be the first spinoff to branch out of Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn overtook her boyfriend when Warner Bros acknowledged that it is going to make a Birds of Prey film. Margot Robbie will be back as Harley Quinn in the movie, and other DC legends such as Black Canary are under development for now to be a part of this movie.

If you are one of those tracking the updates related to DCEU, this is one of the several movies which are under development at the franchise. Joker and Harley Quinn spinoffs are now near-certainties, and there are other projects including Nightwing. Even Batgirl was announced sometime back when Joss Whedon was supposed to direct it, but, that film has been put on the backseat now that Whedon has exited. There are also movies like The Batman and Flashpoint under development at WB and Aquaman will splash into the theaters later this year. Also, let’s not forget that Wonder Woman 2 starts filming this month.

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The Joker film is going to be a fascinating one for the fans, but, it is not the only movie that they need to watch out for. After all, we have already heard that there is another Joker movie being developed at WB. In 2017, they had announced a Joker origin film being helmed by Todd Phillips, but, that movie is outside the DCEU. Instead, it has been said that the film is going to start a new DC Films banner which won’t be involved with their shared cinematic universe.


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