Ja’net Dubois Of Good Place Passes Away


Television reflects everything in our society. Every change and transformation in our society can be very well traced on our television. That is why shows like Good Times are so important. Not only was it such a huge step towards representation, but also a huge step towards accountability and acceptance.

It was the first show to have an African American family as central characters. But at the same time it made its setting to be a poor housing project, therefore showcasing that places like does exist and portrayal of people living there is also very important.

People after so many years too, understand its importance. But unfortunately the fans of the show and the world suffered a huge loss when one of the most beloved actors from the series Ja’net Dubois died. She died at the ripe age off 71. Apart from starring in Good Place, she also performed the popular song “Movin’ On Up,” which served as the theme song of the show The Jeffersons. This theme song has often been regarded as one of the most popular theme songs ever. Hr next major work came in the form of The PJs where she provided her voice and won two Emmy awards for her performance. One of her most memorable roles on big screen was Momma Bosley in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. She was also an acclaimed stage actor working in projects like A Raisin in the Sun and Golden Boy alongside legends like Sammy Davis, Jr. and Watchmen’s Louis S. Gossett, Jr.

The report came from TMZ where her family was reported as saying that the actress unexpectedly died in her sleep. She seemed well and in her best of spirits and also attended a fan event a few days ago. There was no reason to doubt that such a travesty would happen.


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