100+ James P. Sullivan Quotes From Monsters, Inc. Movie


These James P. Sullivan Quotes are from Monsters, Inc. Movie. There are so many James P. Sullivan quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these James P. Sullivan quotes exists just do that.

James P. “Sulley” Sullivan is the principle hero of Monsters, Inc. also, deuteragonist of Monsters University. He is Mike’s closest companion and flat mate, the Top Scarer (until startling ceased) and current CEO at Monsters, Inc. Sulley is an enormous beast, estimating 7’8″ and weighing 766 lbs as per both of his Scare Cards.

He physically looks like a humanoid bear, and his body is shrouded in light blue-green hide, with the stomach zone’s hide being a light shade of blue. He additionally has purple polka specks, which are a piece of his hide’s shading plan. It isn’t comprehended what shading Sulley’s skin is, however his palms suggest that his skin is commonly a similar shading as his hide.

On the two sides of Sulley’s sanctuary lay a couple of whitish beige, naughty horns. His appendages are strong, and his two arms are fundamentally longer than his two legs. Sulley has four fingers on each hand, and three toes on each foot, with thick and sharp darker lion paws being available on the majority of his digits.

He has a couple of blue eyes, with eyebrows of a darker greenish blue to compliment them. Sulley’s mouth shrouds a lot of enormous, sharp lion teeth. He likewise has a major reptilian tail with a line of tanish spikes that begins from his thickset neck. Sulley is additionally one of only a handful couple of beasts with an obvious nose; for his situation, it is an extended, cone-like nose with a comparable shading to his eyebrows. It in general takes after the nose of a lion.

While Sulley’s physical qualities are by and large the equivalent between the two films, he is observably more slender and shaggier in Monsters University, y, with a mullet-like cowlick on the highest point of his head.

Sulley is pleasant, active, courageous, keen, caring, unassuming, collected, sure, and minding. He has all the earmarks of being mainstream among different workers. In the main film, in spite of the fact that his responsibility is to startle kids, Sulley tries endeavors to become friends with Boo and afterward goes to extraordinary measures to shield her from Randall and stunt Mr. Waternoose into admitting to endeavoring to hijack kids. It is Sulley who understands that creation youngsters giggle is an obviously better approach to deliver vitality than making them shout, in this manner fathoming Monstropolis’ vitality emergency.

Sulley is exceptionally faithful to Mike, venturing to such an extreme as to loan him “odorant” and reserving a spot for him at an elite café on Celia’s birthday. Sulley additionally attempts to cover for Mike when he understands he neglected to turn in his administrative work. Consequently, he depends on Mike to help him in his silly endeavors to protect Boo. At the point when Mike challenges, Sulley helps Boo over conciliating Mike’s pride; his decision is advocated when Mike later alters his perspective and comes to support him and Boo.

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“Gangway! Look out! Coming through! Sorry, George.”

James P. Sullivan best quotes

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“I can still hear her little voice.”

James P. Sullivan famous quotes

“Guys, I told you, call me Sulley.”

James P. Sullivan popular quotes

“Did you see the way she looked at me?”

James P. Sullivan quotes

“Hey… may the best monster win.”

James P. Sullivan saying

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“(to Mike; silently) Ook-lay in the ag-bay.”

“[Mike picks up Boo and walks away] ”

“[the lights go out, as if it’s nighttime, and the Simulator Child goes to sleep] ”

“3 Days? We need to get there NOW.”

“Actually she’s my Cousin’s Sisters Daughter.”

“Ah, actually that’s my uh, cousin’s sister’s daughter, sir.”

“Anything, sir.”

“Boo : [Excited to watch Sulley] Kitty!”

“Boo, I was so worried. Don’t you ever run off like that again Young Lady.”

“But kidnapping children?”

“But she can’t stay here this is the men’s room.”

“don’t worry. It’s lemon. How about you Big Fella? Snow cone?”

“Give me a break, Mike.”

“Henry J. Waternoose : James! You’re just in time. OK Gentleman. It’s time for you to see how scaring really works.”

“he’s home now. Just leave her alone!”

“Hey Ted, Good Morning.”

“Hey that’s my bed, you’re gonna get your germs all over it.”

“Hey, did you lose weight, or a limb?”

“Hey, Mike, this might sound crazy but I don’t think that kid’s dangerous.”

“Hey, Ted! Good morning!”

“Hey, that looks like Randall. Randall’s your monster. You think he’s gonna come out of the closet and scare you?”

“How can I do this? How could I be so stupid? This could ruin the company.”

“I don’t believe I ordered a wake-up call, Mikey.”

“I think we stopped him, Boo. You’re safe now. You be a good girl, OK?”

“I went back to get your paperwork and there was a door.”

“I’ll start with the old Waternoose Jump-and-Growl.”

“I’m being attacked!”

“I’m gonna go check on the Donuts.”

“I’m happy for you.”

“I’m not even breaking a sweat.”

“I’m sorry, Mike. I’m sorry we’re stuck out here. I didn’t mean all this to happen. But Boo’s in trouble. I think there might be a way to save her if we can just get down to that…”


“It doesn’t have to be this way.”

“It’s just a rough patch, sir. Everyone knows you’ll get us through it.”

“Look in the bag.”

“Look, it’s empty. No monster in here. Okay, NOW there is. I’m not gonna scare you. I’m off duty.”

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“Looks like you’re out of a job.”

“Mike : No Boo. I wouldn’t…”

“Mike, that’s not her door.”

“Mike, this isn’t Boo’s door.”

“Mike, you don’t understand.”

“Mr. Waternoose.”

“Mr. Waternoose?”

“Nice job, Mikey. You filled your quota on the first kid of the day.”

“No problem. They’re under the name Googlie-Bear.”

“No way, there’s a scream shortage. We’re walking.”

“No, No. Something about a Village. Are there any Kids there?”

“No. Her door was white and it had flowers on it.”

“None of that matters now.”

“Not really.”

“Oh! Oh sure! No problem!”

“Oh, he’s a happy bear, and he’s not crying, and neither should you, or we’ll be in trouble, ’cause they’re gonna find us…”

“Oh, sorry, she didn’t see that.”

“Oh. So *that’s* puce.”

“Ook-lay in the ag-bay.”

“Randall was in it.”

“See that, Mikey? Ted’s walking to work.”

“See you later, fellas.”

“She’s not scared of you any more.”

“So would I, sir.”

“Stop making Boo laugh!”

“Sulley : But sir, I just wanted to ask…”

“Sulley : Sir, can I just…”

“That’s a cute little dance you got. Almost looks like you gotta – Oh.”

“That’s… what I decided to call her. Is there a problem?”

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“The power’s out. Make her laugh again.”

“There’s something else.”

“Uh, no, uh…”

“Uh, yeah, crazy.”

“Uh-huh, and the fact that laughter has ten times the energy of scream had nothing to do with it.”


“Uncle Mike, try not to yell in front of her. You know we still need her to laugh.”

“Wah, wah, wah. Will you give it a rest, butterball? C’mon, you could use the exercise.”

“We have to get Boo’s door and find a station.”

“We need to get to Boo.”

“Wh… What did you say?”

“What was that?”

“Yeah, I got, uh, Smelly Garbage or Old Dumpster.”

“Yeah, like on “Monstropolis’ Most Wanted”?”

“Yep. Stink it up.”

“You think that he’s gonna come through the closet and scare ya. It’s empty, see…”

“Yeah, like on “Monstropolis’ Most Wanted”?

“Not really.”

“Wa, wa, wa, wa. Will you give it a rest, butterball? C’mon, you could use the exercise.

“Yeah, I got, uh, smelly garbage or old dumpster.”

“Yep. Stink it up.”

“Give me a break, Mike…”

“It’s just I forgot about some paperwork I was supposed to file. Mike was reminding me; thanks, buddy.”

“[to himself] So the pink copies go to purchasing, and the fuchsia ones go to Roz. No, the fuchsia ones go to purchasing and the goldenrod ones go to Roz. Man, I have no idea what puce is… [looks at some reddish-brown files] Oh, that’s puce.”

“I don’t believe I ordered a wake-up call, Mikey.”

“Hey, may the best monster win.”

“Give it a rest, will ya, butterball?”

“That is the weirdest thing you’ve ever said.”

“What can I say? The camera loves me.”

“Sulley, I am baring my soul here. The least you can do is pay attention.”

“Dodgeball was the best, oh yeah. I was the fastest one out there. Of course I was the ball.”

“I love you, schmoopsie-poo!”

“Nothing is more important than our friendship.”

“Just the other day someone asked who was the most beautiful monster. You know what I said? I said … Sulley?”

“Where are you going? We’ll talk. We’ll have a latte.”

“Scary feet, scary feet, scary feet!”

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“Remember to tip your waitresses.”

“You’ve been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade.”

“You and I are a team.”

“There’s more to life than scaring.”

“Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!”

“Sull, that’s a cube of garbage.”

“Come on, pal. If you start crying, I’m gonna cry, and I’ll never get through this.”

“You’re the boss, you’re the boss. You’re the big, hairy boss.”

“Fight that plaque. Scary monsters don’t have plaque.”

“One, two, three, four, get the kid back through the door!”

“I don’t like big moving things that are moving towards me.”

“I wasn’t scared. I have allergies.”


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