James Mangold and Robert Rodriguez To Direct In The Mandalorian


The Mandalorian has been a path breaking success for literally every one involved in one way or other. It gave Star Wars the passionate whole hearted adoration that somehow went missing in the recent years. It released to much fanfare for Disney + quickly becoming the most in demand series. There was a lot to love about the series but specifically what worked for them was the favor that their Child garnered on social media being labelled Baby Yoda in the process, its simple story and its atmosphere. All the three of them became possible only because of the immense hard work the cast and crew put in the show.

Each and every director brought their own flavors but maintained a unified structure. It can be said that these directors played a huge role in making the series as much of a success it eventually became. The directors really transformed this whole show into an other worldly experience.

All in all it can be very well said that the show is one of a kind, something Disney+ noticed also well ahead of the premier and gave it a renewal. New episodes will be available in October. But the question is who will appear in it and who will take on the coveted chair. All kind of names have been thrown around from biggies to wrestlers nothing have been left out.

As far as the directors go Bryce Dallas Howard seems to be a shoe in considering how much appreciation she garnered, Jon Favreau the creator also expressed his desire to direct an episode.

And now the grapevines have revealed that two big names James Mangold and Robert Rodriguez will also have directorial duties but it wouldn’t be in the conventional way. They will direct sequences, these sequences could be spread out all over the series or even in an episode.

This piece is important because it might hint towards the epic lightsaber fight that actors of the show have been teasing. If so well both of these directors are amazing people to bring it on screen and we cannot wait for October to come.


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