Is John Hammond To Be Blamed For The Catastrophe In Jurassic World


Jurassic World is a series that we are so grateful to have. It got our beloved no matter how scary back on the screen. After the end of the Jurassic Park series a lot of people thought that the franchise will continue in one way or the other no matter what. Considering the amount of financial success the movie garnered. But unfortunately the movie went through a dry spell for more than a decade before Jurassic World came into the fore. Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World was an interesting return to the franchise and very successful that led to the release of the Fallen Kingdom  and now the creation of Dominion.

Fallen Kingdom brought a unique ending with it. It saw dinosaurs set free in the human world and creating an apocalyptic atmosphere. As we know Colin Trevorrow also released a short movie in the midst that showed how much of an effect this apocalypse had.

This upcoming movie will be sort if a swan song showcasing how this tragedy took place in our world and litters took over it. Whose fault exactly was it, mankind or someone else. And judging by the amount of people that are returning we can clearly say that it will also explore how it all began.

When the beginning of Jurassic Franchise is talked about we cannot help but talk about John Hammond because he was the one who literally created this park. So is he to be blamed for the catastrophe humankind is about to face in the upcoming movie. Considering that the park was established in Jurassic World to honor  his legacy.  The truth is no, he is not to be blamed because in actuality they took his legacy all wrong. His desire maybe at the inception was to create this park and use these dinosaurs for entertainment. But when it all ended he understood that the best way to handle these dinosaurs is not to devote them for human entertainment but to let them grow in human absence. He understood that Dinosaurs can never be second to humans. This power structure would never work. So the best way would be to give their freedom in a place where they can never cross over.

But the authority doesn’t do so in Jurassic World. They try to use them to increase the visitors in the park or sell them for money. Clearly misunderstanding their position in this relationship. And by the time they find out all hell has broke lose.


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